Rumors are swirling about a possible new Nvidia TITAN graphics card. Recent online leaks suggest that a monstrously powerful 48GB model could be on the horizon. While the speculation is exciting, it’s possible that the rumored graphics card is actually the 4090 Ti. However, based on the proposed specifications, it’s likely that this is a new TITAN. A leaked shipping document, as reported by Videocardz, confirms that an unknown Nvidia GPU is being sent to AIB partners and testers for a potential launch.1-121-1-1-1

Highly Potent and Top Secret Nvidia GPU now Shipping

It’s important to note that the shipping document only signifies the distribution of test samples and not a commercial release. The graphics card is still in its developmental stage and not yet available for purchase.

While the GPU is being tested and potentially customized by AIB partners, there are speculations that it could be the highly anticipated 4090 Ti. This is due to the fact that NVIDIA’s TITAN graphics cards are typically designed in-house and not tampered with by AIB partners.

Whether it’s the TITAN or 4090 Ti, the unveiling of this GPU will surely be a exciting moment for the industry.

TITAN or 4090 Ti though, whatever this GPU is, it’s going to be damn interesting finding out!

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