Intel Arc A750 vs. RTX 3060 with new drivers

Intel has reduced the cost of its A750 GPU to $249 in the US, marking a $30 decrease from its original launch price. The price cut will be implemented globally, although Intel has not disclosed pricing details for other regions. The company has also unveiled improvements to its new “4086” driver, which reportedly offers a performance boost of 10% to 77% with the Arc A750 GPU. The new driver has also significantly improved frame times compared to its initial release, as well as FPS percentile.

According to Intel, the Arc A750 now boasts a 52% improvement in performance per dollar compared to the NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU. However, these figures are from Intel themselves and have yet to be confirmed by outside sources. The RTX 3060 currently retails for approximately $391, which is significantly higher than the cost of the Arc A750.

Intel Arc A750 vs. RTX 3060 with new drivers


Intel Arc A750 vs. RTX 3060 with new drivers

Intel’s Arc GPUs are widely available at their manufacturer suggested retail price, which means they should retail at around $249. This price point puts pressure on NVIDIA to compete in the mid-range market, which has been neglected for some time. Additionally, the new price comes with a bonus game bundle – select Arc A-series GPUs now include free copies of “The Settlers: New Allies” and “Nightingale.”


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