NVIDIA  4090

It appears that Nvidia is encountering difficulties in selling its RTX 4080 graphics card due to its relatively high price compared to other options, including the more powerful RTX 4090. Recent reports suggest that Nvidia may be limiting the production of RTX 4090s to increase the sales of RTX 4080s.

According to a leak from the Moore’s Law Is Dead YouTube channel, an anonymous AIB (Add-in-Board) partner has claimed that they were informed that they will not receive additional RTX 4090 supplies until the existing stock of RTX 4080s has been depleted. It is speculated that Nvidia is hoping that potential buyers who are unable to find RTX 4090s in stock will eventually settle for the RTX 4080 instead.

It is unclear whether this move is a deliberate strategy by Nvidia or a result of the ongoing global chip shortage. However, if true, this move could lead to frustration for consumers who are seeking the RTX 4090’s superior performance and may lead to backlash against the company. Only time will tell if this decision proves to be a wise move for Nvidia in the long run.

NVIDIA  4090

This move by Nvidia may seem unfavorable, as instead of acknowledging that the RTX 4080 was overpriced, the company has decided to prioritize profits. However, it’s hard to blame them for making a business decision that will likely result in increased revenue. It’s also possible that Nvidia is correct in assuming that some buyers will eventually give up and settle for the RTX 4080.

During the recent GPU shortages, many consumers still opted to purchase graphics cards at exorbitant prices out of desperation. Although the market has largely recovered, the attitudes of consumers may not have changed. Given this, it’s understandable why Nvidia may be taking steps to maximize profits, even if it means limiting the supply of the more desirable RTX 4090.

While this decision may be viewed as a short-term strategy, it remains to be seen whether it will ultimately benefit the company in the long run. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, businesses are primarily concerned with generating profits, and Nvidia is no exception.

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