The Razer Blade 18 is equipped with the latest Intel 13th Gen HX CPU and NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 as its primary components, making it the top-of-the-line gaming hardware available in a laptop. However, this level of performance comes at a steep price. Despite the limitations in performance caused by the laptop’s form factor, there will always be enthusiasts who are willing to invest in the most powerful and efficient components available, regardless of the cost.

Desktop RTX 3090 Ti outperformed by overclocked GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU-1

Kelzs, a Reddit user and tech enthusiast, opted for the top-of-the-line Razer Blade 18 with an RTX 4090, priced at $4,500. Being an HX notebook, users can customize the performance as desired. With the Razer Synapse software, users can adjust performance profiles, and MSI Afterburner unlocks overclocking capabilities even for laptop GPUs. Additionally, Intel XTU allows for underclocking, and the BIOS can disable the integrated GPU, providing the dedicated GPU with ample room to achieve optimal performance.

Desktop RTX 3090 Ti outperformed by overclocked GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU-2

After applying these configurations and settings, the RTX 4090 laptop GPU with NVIDIA’s AD103 GPU achieved a 2.7% performance increase compared to the flagship RTX 3090 Ti desktop GPU from the previous generation. This was confirmed by a screenshot of the 3DMark TimeSpy score, which displayed 22339 graphics points. This score also represents a 72% improvement compared to the previous generation’s flagship RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU. However, even with overclocking, the laptop GPU still falls short of the desktop RTX 4090, which is 61% faster in performance.

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