This IPC (Instructions per cycle) test is designed to develop and evolve gradually over time. To ensure a precise comparison of architecture performance, we fix all processor cores at 3500 MHz. This test is focused on measuring single-thread performance. For many people, this metric is the ultimate benchmark for determining the speed of a processor’s architecture per core. However, it’s important to note that higher frequency allowances, P-states, caches, and memory latency are all factors that can define per-core performance. So, while IPC multiplied by a higher clock frequency equals performance, it’s not the only consideration.

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Processor performance: CineBench 20

Cinebench R20 benchmark is more capable of dealing with heavily threaded processors. You need a PC with at least 4 GB of memory and SSE3 instruction set support. Maxon states Cinebench R20 is now using four times the memory and eight times the CPU computational power compared to Cinebench R15.


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Performance – CineBench 23

A batch of Cinebench R23 results has been initiated and will gradually accumulate. At this stage, they are to be viewed as temporary indicators.

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Processor Performance –  Blender

Every year, processors get exponentially more threads and cores, so we’ve added Blender. We test three renders that take a lot of time and work: Junkshop, Monster, and Classroom. Many cores and threads are suitable for the software.


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CPU-Z Benchmark

CPU-Z offers a pretty nice performance measurement to test RAW CPU performance, performance is measured both as single-core and multi-threaded core performance. It offers a fast and easy manner in which to quickly view single-threaded and multi-threaded SMT performance. Give it a try yourself, it is easy to use.

How Does the Ryzen 7 7800X3D Perform?-23


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