Samsung’s SSDs are facing ongoing health problems, with some users reporting a sharp decline in their SSD’s health after just 2TB of data was written. A Samsung Community discussion board moderator confirmed that the company is reviewing customer inquiries and that a firmware update to resolve the issue is expected to be released soon. Despite complaints, Samsung denies a defect in the 990 Pro SSDs and returns them to customers after a fresh format.

Samsung Announces Upcoming Firmware Update for 990 Pro SSD

Puget Systems and Samsung worked together to address the rapid health decline issue and found a solution for the 980 Pro SSDs by upgrading the firmware. However, problems with the 990 Pro SSDs persist, leading Puget Systems to temporarily stop using these drives, except for the 500GB 980 Pro, until a resolution is found. As a result, Puget Systems will switch to Sabrent SSDs with capacities from 1TB to 4TB while Samsung continues to address the issues with the 990 Pro and 980 Pro SSDs. Puget Systems emphasized the importance of speaking out about this issue, although they rarely announce changes to their product line, they felt it was necessary in this case.

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