NVIDIA announces upcoming release of new Ada GPU variants

Gainward, a leading manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), has announced the release of a new variant of its AD103 GPU. The updated version, labeled as AD103-301, features minor changes for end users, but will assist board partners in reducing costs.

Last week, reports surfaced that NVIDIA had informed its board partners of the availability of two GPU variants for the upcoming RTX 4070 non-Ti model. This information was later confirmed by HKEPC, which provided additional details on the AD104-25X GPU variants for the new GeForce model. This new variant by Gainward is the first one to be confirmed by a company.

According to a reliable source, board partners have been informed about the specifications for two upcoming RTX 4070 GPUs. The first, known as the “250” GPU, will begin mass production in the coming weeks. The second, referred to as the “251” GPU, will also enter production soon after and will reportedly require fewer components. This is expected to result in a slight reduction in cost for the GPU.

It should be noted that this change has already been applied to the RTX 4080 model, which is currently available with either the AD103-300 or AD103-301 GPU. Both options are said to offer the same performance and capabilities, but they feature a new design that necessitates changes to the printed circuit board (PCB).

Gainward has confirmed that both AD103-300 and 301 variants have identical clock speeds, TDP, and GPU configurations. Additionally, the company has not released any new revisions of these cards, indicating that they are essentially the same GPU.


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