AMD RX 7900XT rumored to feature 4GB more memory than RX 6900XT

According to Wccftech sources, Radeon RX 7900XT RDNA3 GPU is said to feature 20GB of VRAM. This is reportedly not the flagship model, though.  

AMD Radeon RX 7900 series are to be announced in less than 2 weeks, which means that board partners should already have all the important information on next-gen AMD GPUs. Wccftech citing their sources confirmed today that RX 7900XT will pack 20GB of memory. This is actually not new information because Navi 31 GPU was expected to feature a 320-bit variant. However, this is the first time a specific GPU model is being mentioned with this memory capacity.

The rumored RX 7900XT would feature 20GB GDDR6 memory of unknown speed along with a 320-bit bus. If for any reason AMD would keep its RDNA2 top 18 Gbps GDDR6 speed, that would give 720 GB/s of bandwidth, 144 GB/s faster than RX 6950XT. And that’s not even including the new Infinity Cache size, which is expected to be at least 96MB on the full chip. And speaking of top SKU, it speculated that RX 7950XT is to feature 24GB of GDDR6 memory with full 384-bit memory bus. This was not confirmed by anyone yet, though.

AMD Navi 3X GPU Family, Source: @Wild_C

The RX 7900 series are believed to feature Navi 31 GPU with up to 12288 Stream Processors. This is AMD’s first consumer chiplet design for the Radeon series, featuring large graphics and memory dies on a single package. The renders posted above are fan-made visualizations by Wild_C based on the most recent leaks. A full Navi 3X (RDNA3) GPU specs were already posted by Angstronomics, who had a stellar track record thus far.

Recently, power supply maker Enermax listed as many as four RX 7000 models along with estimated power consumption for each model. This information has already been removed from the website, so it is not clear if it was inaccurate or AMD simply ‘requested’ that this information should not be made public just yet.

AMD confirmed yesterday they will have a livestreamed event dedicated to RDNA3 GPUs on November 3rd. Some board partners even confirm that they are ‘ready’, which probably implies that custom cards are ready as well.


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