The GXT 981 Redex is just as good as its wireless variant, the GXT 980 Redex Wireless (launched in March of this year). It is a lightweight gaming mouse featuring Kailh switches that last up to 80 million clicks, adjustable DPI, and RGB lighting.

The GXT 980 Redex Wireless has earned positive feedback from press and consumers, and has won several awards, making it a logical choice for Trust to bring a wired version to the market. The GXT 981 Redex is the new wired sidekick for social gamers. A 72g lightweight design primes them for hours of gaming comfort, making the mouse suitable for heavy use. An adjustable – and highly accurate – optical sensor offers sensitivity from 200-10,000 DPI, readying users for intense matches and fast reactions. Meanwhile, durable Kailh mechanical switches last up to 80 million clicks. The Redex also has 6 programmable buttons to customise the mouse to suit various playstyles or game types. And with the included software, users can adjust the RGB lighting to match their setup’s vibe and save several profiles to easily switch from one customisation to another.

The family look

Trust is expanding its gaming mice category to create certain ‘family looks’. This means several products can be from the same family and look similar, but offer differences that make them unique for every user. For gaming mice, Trust is going for pure performance-based design, like that of the GXT Redex Wireless Gaming Mouse, which focuses on advanced gaming and precision.

New mouse, new price

The GXT 981 Redex is coming out at a new price with a RRP of €29.99, placing it between Trust’s Ybar and Graphin mice. The Redex is marketed as the affordable mid-level, high-performance mouse for the social gamer.

Play to win

The Redex is a lightweight mouse for heavy use, is all about accuracy, and can be used for the long term – up to 80 million clicks. Along with the wireless variant, the wired Redex is a great beginning of Trust’s new family look.


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