Razer, the top lifestyle brand for gamers, has launched the Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition, the ultimate in gaming mouse technology. This highly refined and engineered product is a top-of-the-line, ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse that integrates Razer’s leading technologies.Razer Unveils Signature Edition Viper Mini Gaming Mouse Made of Magnesium Alloy

Designed for gamers who demand the best, the Viper Mini Signature Edition is the height of gaming mouse performance. With a weight of only 49 grams, players can enjoy exceptional precision and functionality with a top-quality gaming peripheral, all in a compact and streamlined design.Razer Viper Mini

“Our aim was to develop the ultimate lightweight gaming mouse,” stated Barrie Ooi, the head of Razer’s PC Gaming Division. “We went beyond the standard design process by carefully selecting materials and adopting innovative industrial designs, resulting in an ultra-durable magnesium alloy exoskeleton for the Viper Mini. The Viper Mini Signature Edition weighs only 49 grams, without any compromises, making it our lightest mouse to date.”

Razer Viper Mini

The integration of magnesium alloy and injection-molding techniques has allowed for a considerable decrease in the mouse’s weight without affecting its durability. This has enabled the Viper Mini Signature Edition to maintain its hyper-lightweight status at 49 grams, while still providing outstanding performance. The mouse also retains a comfortable grip in the popular Viper Mini design.

Razer Viper Mini

The Viper Mini Signature Edition is expertly constructed with a high-grade magnesium alloy, resulting in a remarkable balance of weight and strength. This is achieved through a cutting-edge, ultra-durable design created using the injection molding method.

According to Charlie Bolton, Head of Industrial Design at Razer, the Viper Mini Signature Edition is the company’s most ambitious project to date. “We aimed to surpass the typical honeycomb design,” said Bolton. “To do so, we needed a material that offered a superior weight-to-strength ratio. We considered plastics, carbon fiber, and titanium before settling on magnesium alloy due to its exceptional qualities.”

The Viper Mini Signature Edition is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail and quality assurance. The process begins with the injection molding of the exoskeleton, followed by precise CNC machining and polishing. The exoskeleton undergoes passivation to prevent corrosion, then it is painted and assembled. Every step of the way, each unit is thoroughly inspected to ensure only the highest standards are met.

The Viper Mini Signature Edition is the ultimate gaming mouse, equipped with the latest technology from Razer. It features the Razer Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor, Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3, and HyperPolling Wireless with a true 4000 Hz wireless polling rate for lightning-fast performance. With a 2C charging rate, the mouse can fully charge in under 90 minutes, which is four times faster than most other wireless mice.

The Viper Mini Signature Edition comes with a pre-paired Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Mouse Feet, micro-fiber cleaning cloth, 2 sets of Razer Mouse Grip Tape, and 2 alcohol prep pads. Additionally, the mouse comes with a 3-year extended warranty for added peace of mind.

This high-performance gaming mouse is designed for gamers who demand the best in terms of performance and features. With a lightweight design and top-notch technology, the Viper Mini Signature Edition is Razer’s best gaming mouse ever.


Razer Hyp Theerspeed Wireless and Wired Modes are a great combination of features, boasting a Razer™ Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor with up to 750 inches per second (IPS) / 70g acceleration, 8% resolution accuracy, Razer™ Optical Mouse Switches rated for 90m clicks, a battery life of up to 60 hours when using the Hyperspeed Wireless, True Wireless 4000 Hz polling rate with Razer Hyperpolling Wireless Dongle, and an 8m/6ft SpeedFlex Type C Cable for charging and wired use. The approximate size of the mouse is 119mm/4.68in (length) x 62mm/2.44in (width) x 39mm/1.53in (height) and it weighs approximately 49g/1.72oz (excluding cable). This mouse is a great choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performance combination of features.

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