Cooler Master launches the Mobius Series, the new line of fans designed with innovation and performance in mind. Optimized with enhancements of interconnecting fan blades to fine-tuned sound output, the Mobius Series is engineered with the perfect balance of quiet operation and unmatched cooling capabilities, perfect for enthusiasts and advanced users.

More Balance, More Burst

The Ring Blade Design utilizes interconnecting fan blades for structural reinforcement and fan performance, eliminating vibration for even more stability. The angled inner frame rim features chamfered side vents to boost airflow with force induced pressure draw for maximum airflow. The sound output has been fine tuned to sub 6dB prominence noise levels for optimal acoustics without performance sacrifice. The Mobius Series is designed with superior performance in mind to achieve the ultimate cooling solution of low noise operation and unrivaled yield.

The Mobius Series will be introducing the Mobius 120 and the Mobius 120P ARGB with the initial launch to market, with a maximum speed of 2050rpm and 2400rpm respectively.



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