A non-final RTX 4090 Ti GPU design has been pictured

An image of what appears to be a custom RTX 4090 Ti graphics card prototype has appeared online, showcasing what is alleged to be a “Full Fat AD102” graphics card with a triple fan heatsink solution.Sadly, there is nothing that we can see on this prototype that we can use to tie this graphics card to a specific brand or Nvidia partner. The heatsink’s fans do now match those of any known RTX 30 series graphics card design, and the heatsink’s shroud is not designed to visually appealing. This graphics card design is not a finalised design from any brand.

Based on the image below, this triple fan GPU design appears be taller than a standard PCIe slot and use three fans that are around 90mm in diameter.

If early reporting on Nvidia’s RTX 4090 graphics card is to be believed, the GPU will feature over 16,000 CUDA cores, 24GB of GDDR6X memory and a TGP of 450W or higher. With this graphics card, Nvidia is targeting a huge performance uplift over their existing Ampere series GPUs, paving the way toward higher fidelity, or high framerate 4K gaming and more viable 8K gaming.

Prototype graphics cards are not designed to be lookers, they are designed to be functional. As such, there is little reason to guess which brand this prototype belongs to or how it will relate to any finalised GPU models.

Nvidia is expected to reveal details for their upcoming RTX 40 series graphics cards this month during the company’s GTC keynote. Whether or not Nvidia will reveal new GPU products at this event remains to be seen.


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