When I received the HyperX Alloy Origins Core RGB keyboard some months ago, I felt it was one of the best compact keyboard that I tested. However, I think I’m still missing somethin… luckily, I didn’t have to wait long to see the release of HyperX’s new Alloy Origins 65 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

I assume that many other gamers had similar thoughts on how to make a great product even better, and HyperX listened to these ideas. As a result, we received HyperX Alloy Origins 65. Even though the market followed and we can see more 60% or 65% size keyboards then we can expect that the HyperX will give us something extra, and this review will tell you why the Origins 65 is so special.

Let’s begin with specifications and features.

Functionally compact 65% form factor

An optimized balance of compactness and functionality. The 65% form factor frees up more mouse space than a tenkeyless keyboard, but keeps dedicated arrow keys, Page Up/Down, Home, and Delete keys.


Full aircraft-grade aluminum body

The aluminum casing keeps the keyboard structurally sound and stable when the action gets intense and the game hangs in the balance; battle after battle, night after night.


Double shot PBT keycaps with side-printed secondary functions

The keycaps are designed with durable PBT material that is resistant to wear, friction, and solvents. Secondary functions are printed on the sides of the keycaps for quick recognition.


HyperX Mechanical switches

The keycaps are designed with durable PBT material that is resistant to wear, friction, and solvents. Secondary functions are printed on the sides of the keycaps for quick recognition.


RGB backlit keys with radiant lighting effects

Get brighter, more luminous RGB lighting, thanks to the exposed LED design of the HyperX mechanical switches.


Advanced customization with HyperX NGENUITY

Customize Game Mode, build macros, and set up per-key lighting and effects.


Three adjustable keyboard angles and a detachable USB-C cable

Two-step keyboard feet allow you to set your keyboard up at 3 different tilt angles. A detachable USB-C cable makes this ultra-compact keyboard super portable.


Included keycap puller and additional keycaps

A keycap puller, an additional Esc key, and the special alternate spacebar design for the Alloy Origins 65 are included for additional customization.



Keyboard Specifications

  • Switch: HyperX Red – Linear

  • Actuation Point: Mechanical

  • Backlight: RGB (16,777,216 colors)

  • Light Effects: Per key RGB lighting and 5 brightness levels

  • Onboard Memory: 3 profiles

  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz

  • Anti-ghosting: 100% anti-ghosting

  • Rollover: N-key

  • Acceleration: Yes

  • Game Mode: Yes

  • OS Compatibility: Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Switch Specifications

  • Switch: HyperX Red – Linear

  • Operation Style: Linear

  • Operating Force: 45g

  • Actuation Point: 1.8mm

  • Total Travel Distance: 3.8mm

Physical Specifications

  • Width: 315.06mm

  • Depth: 105.5mm

  • Length: 36.94mm

  • Weight: Weight (with cable): 1.82lb

  • Cable Type: Detachable USB-C, Braided

  • Cable Length (imperial) and type: Detachable USB-C, Braided

Key Features

  • Functionally compact 65% form factor

  • Full aircraft-grade aluminum body

  • Premium double shot PBT keycaps

  • HyperX mechanical switches




NGENUITY software is worth installing and playing with because it gives us many more additional options and control over RGB lighting. We can create our own profiles or use additional modes that are not available from the keyboard shortcuts. Unique modes not available in competitive brands, are for example Twilight or Sun.

The keyboard also has a unique two-layer key setup. We can switch between two different key settings that can be programmed individually. The Fn key not only works for specific functional keys but also for other keys. We can also block all keys we want which is helpful if we by mistake use some keys while playing games.

The NGENUITY software performs a firmware check at the start so if there is required a new firmware, it will download and update it for us.

Below are screenshots from available options in the NGENUITY software.

The RGB illumination tab is one of the most advanced on the gaming keyboards market. We can create our own profiles, and what is amazing, we can sign speed and color to every single key or mix illumination modes. We can also highlight single keys that we use more often.

Closer Look

The package is a flat box that isn’t much larger than the keyboard itself. The exterior will tell us everything about the contents, including used switches that are HyperX Red. Previously reviewed keyboards were with other types of switches so it’s good that we have a chance to test various versions.

Inside the box, except for the keyboard, we will find a USB-C to USB-A cable, a user’s manual, HyperX product cards, a keycap pull tool, and additional ESC and space keys. It’s more than we may need.

I recommend installing HyperX NGENUITY software as it automatically updates the keyboard’s firmware and gives us more options than we could set from the keyboard. For example, we can set many more illumination modes than the keyboard shortcuts offer. Those users who type a lot may like static light more. Of course, all modes have multiple brightness stages. For me, the perfect brightness is somewhere in the middle, but of course, it’s a personal preference.

The software also gives us additional options like macros or shortcuts, that can be handy in games. Especially MMORPG require a lot of keys and combos where macros are often the difference between a win and lose.

The cable is braided and looks similar to what we’ve seen in other HyperX keyboards. These cables are durable and should last long years.

The keyboard is tenkeyless which causes it to be smaller and just a perfect size for most gamers who don’t use a numeric pad. Most gamers don’t use most keys, so I find a smaller size a big advantage, especially when we move with our keyboard more often or use additional devices on the desk.

The 65% size seems a better idea than the more popular 60%. The difference makes arrow keys which are often required out of the games and we are used to them in specific situations. At first, I thought I won’t need it when I started to use a 60% keyboard, but I couldn’t get used to it, so the Origins 65 seems like a perfect option. Some brands offer an option to reprogram keys that cover the missing arrows, but it’s not the same. The Origins 65 gives us all that we may need in a compact form that is easy and intuitive to use.

Three-step feet let us set three angles so we can pick the one which is the most comfortable. I didn’t need much time to get used to the Alloy Origins 65 as I was using previous HyperX keyboards, but if you are trying a 60% or 65% keyboard for the first time then you may need some time to feel it perfectly.

I don’t like many mechanical keyboards because of the tall keys which are not so comfortable for long typing. HyperX uses an improved design which feels much better and I can’t really complain. The keys feel light to use and work better than I remember in the previous HyperX keyboards.

The Alloy Origins 65 is probably the most comfortable mini keyboard that I tested so far. It also feels high-quality and this feeling is missing in some competitive products.

Below are some additional photos with the keyboard during work. Additional modes can be set and adjusted in the NGENUITY software. If we have other HyperX products with RGB lighting, then we can control everything from one, simple to use application.


I remember when I said that the Alloy Origins Core is my favorite keyboard, but the Origins 65 is simply better. It works slightly better and it meets my needs a bit better. The only thing I would ask for would be a wireless connection. It will for sure bump the price but many users would be happy to see so successful product without any cables.


The Alloy Origins 65 is a perfect mini-size gaming keyboard. It provides everything we may need for games and takes not much space on the desk. It fits every backpack and is easy to carry to LAN parties. The durable design with a thick but soft braided cable and metal-alloy body, promises problem-free work for a long time.

The keyboard is fully programmable, which includes RGB illumination, shortcuts, macros, dual-layer Fn setup, and more. Every user can adjust it for specific needs

The Alloy Origins 65 is surprisingly comfortable for a small keyboard. The keys are working smoothly and are not very tall so longer typing is also not a problem.

HyperX NGENUITY software is already well-known. The software is available to download for free from the HyperX website and is very handy for any customizations, RGB illumination, and profile management.


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