AMD continues to pick colorful fishy codenames for their next-gen GPUs.

While AMD’s internal codenames have no marketing value whatsoever, they can be proven useful for tracking down the development of individual graphics architectures.

Yesterday’s leak revealed two new codenames for the most anticipated Navi 3X GPUs. This information follows the reveal of the AMD Phoenix APU codename. Therefore, we now know the codename of each RDNA3 GPU that should launch in the coming months.

The fact that flagship Navi 31 GPU features a codename “Plum Bonito” was not a surprise to anyone as we know this since May. But the alternative naming for Navi 32 and Navi 33 were something that we have not heard about yet. The 32 is supposedly called “Wheat Nas” while 33 is “Hotpink Bonefish”.

Furthermore, AMD Ryzen 7000 “Phoenix” APU code-name has now been confirmed as “Pink Sardine”. The Sardine is to follow Yellow Carp (Rembrandt) and Green Sardine (Cezanne).

AMD Pink Sardine APU, Source: Freedesktop

Interestingly, Pink Sardine carries the same “0x15E2” PCI Device ID as Raven Ridge, Renoir, Van Gogh and Yellow Carp. Instead of using different IDs for each of those APUs, AMD is distinguishing them by PCI revisions.

These codenames may appear in the future leaks, which should help in quick identification of the discrete or integrated GPU. There is so far no trace of any other RDNA3 GPU, such as the next-gen console chips.


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