AMD Ryzen 7000 in Cinebench R23

According to hardware leaker @greymon55, AMD mid-range Ryzen 7000 SKUs will score above 1900 points.

Greymon claims that in single-core test, Ryzen 5 7600X scores 19XX points, while Ryzen 7 7700X up to 20XX range.  If only ST cores were to be considered, 7600X would score around Core i7-12700K, while 7700X reaches i9-12900K performance. But again, those are only single-core tests, which may go higher or lower as AMD implements further optimizations and leakers get their hands on final silicon.

Update: Greymon also shared multi-core benchmark results:

Those wondering why we have not seen CPU-Z leaks featuring Ryzen 7000 CPUs yet, is actually simple. In its current state, Ryzen CPUs reportedly have problem fishing the full benchmark. This might be solved soon as AMD releases an updated BIOS, however for now there are CPU-Z scores available.

AMD 7000-series CPUs either do not run the benchmark in full (stuck at 80%) or show lower performance gains compared to Cinebench. In any case, it is probably better to wait for someone to verify this issue with the latest BIOS or using different samples.

Interestingly, there are no benchmark results for Ryzen 9 series 7900X/7950X yet, however the mid-range series are already in many hands. Some of those CPUs even ended up on auction sites.

AMD will unveil the Ryzen 7000 series next week. The company will most likely end the speculation by sharing official performance figures and hopefully prices for each of the four expected SKUs.


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