NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics cards may not boast support for PCI Express 5.0. The rumor comes from prominent leaker kopite7kimi, who claimed in a recent tweet that green team’s Lovelace-based AD102 GPU, which is expected to power the upper echelon of the GeForce RTX 40 Series, will be limited to PCIe 4.0. This is rather surprising, as NVIDIA’s new Hopper products feature support for the latest and greatest version of PCIe

NVIDIA AD102 “Ada” GPU for GeForce RTX 40 series might not feature PCIe Gen5 support.

The “Ada Lovelace” architecture which is set to launch by the end of this year was rumored to feature PCIe Gen5 interface support, mainly because it already has the Intel ATX 3.0/PCIe Gen5 spec 16-pin connector unlocking up to 600W of power per cable.

Furthermore, Kopite mentioned that the structure of the single-precision (FP32) core configuration might not be as simple as Ampere’s. One should not rule out that the CUDA core count will not change again with the new generation of GeForce RTX series. A matrix of different integer and floating-point FP32 units might increase the number of cores, compute power, or introduce a new core type altogether. It is simply too early to tell.

Intel’s latest hardware already boasts support for PCIe 5.0, but AMD will soon follow with its next-generation AM5 platform, which is expected to launch with support for both PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5 memory later this year. PCIe 4.0 transfers data at 16 GT/s, while PCIe 5.0 doubles that rate at 32 GT/s.


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