NVIDIA claims superiority with its Game Ready drivers and belittles AMD for releasing substandard beta drivers with multiple forks.

NVIDIA has released 150 drivers supporting over 400 titles since the debut of Game Ready. According to Sean Pelletier (Sr. Product Manager – Game Ready Drivers), NVIDIA is not slowing down. Today, a video and an article describing the Game Ready driver development process were published.

The video focuses on testing and verification. NVIDIA tested for 1.8 million hours in 2021, doing 1000 tests per day. NVIDIA has roughly 4500 GPU, CPU, RAM, and operating system combinations for automated testing on desktop and mobile platforms. NVIDIA is pleased that all of our drivers have passed the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) test. To get qualified, each driver must pass 1300 examinations. As a result, NVIDIA is the only GPU vendor that certifies every driver. NVIDIA also silently mocks AMD for first releasing non-WHQL drivers:

Only once all this work is completed do we launch the driver via GeForce.com and GeForce Experience. And because the Game Ready Driver Program and our promise of quality relies on all of this work, we don’t release sub-par beta drivers with minimal testing, let alone multiple conflicting beta drivers forked from different development branches that support different games and products, which confuse customers.

AMD releases WHQL drivers in stages. AMD’s driver, which has to be mentioned is a bit more complex as they cover desktop, mobile, and integrated GPUs.

In reality, we think this viral is not so much aimed at AMD though, Intel is sitting around the corner with ARC for desktop, and the weak spot for their graphics cards definitely will be the software implementation.


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