A member of the MSI OC team, Kovan Yang, broke a new world record in DDR5 memory overclocking.

The DDR5 memory will at some point ship with up to 12000 MT/s speeds, but for now such bandwidth is only possible with overclocking. The MSI OC Team has just announced it managed to overclock Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 memory to DDR5-10004 spec.

The team has used MSI UNIFY-X motherboard equipped with Core i9-12900KS processor, which has been limited to 4 cores and 425 MHz frequency. The memory running at 5001.8 MHz had very high timing of 72-126-126-126-127-2, which was required to reach 10004 MT/s spec.

MSI and Kingston have a long standing collaboration when it comes to memory optimization and overclocking. In fact, MSI even bundles its flagship MEG Z690 GODLIKE motherboard with Kingston memory kit rated at 6000 MT/s.

Memory makers have announced their plans to ship 10-12 GT/s memory in the future, possibly when Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Raphael platforms become widely available. High-speed DDR5 memory is not going to be cheap though, the new standard is still at least twice as expensive as DDR4 modules.


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