The Corsair MP700 is an M.2 2280 form factor storage solution that has a large black aluminum heatsink and a single fan. It is one of the first PCIe Gen 5 SSDs that has the capability to reach speeds above 10 GB/s. This storage solution uses the NVMe 2.0 protocol and 3D TLC NAND memory. In addition, Corsair mentions that the Microsoft DirectStorage technology will enable ‘unprecedented load times’. This does not require any certification or enablement from Corsair. Overclock3D were the first to spot the video and were able to read the description. We can expect an official announcement soon.

Corsair MP700

 Get lightning-fast speeds with the MP700 PCIe Gen5 storage system, equipped with a next-generation NVMe 2.0 interface and high-density 3D TLC NAND flash memory. Boasting 10,000MB/sec sequential read and 9,500MB/sec sequential write speeds, you can enjoy faster game loading and saving times. Easily slot the MP700 into your motherboard through its M.2 2280 form-factor, while an aluminum heatsink keeps temperatures down and reduces throttling. Microsoft DirectStorage also enables ultra-fast game loading with compatible titles.

 The Corsair MP700 storage solution has been available for some time, but now it’s become a popular option due to its PCIe gen5 performance, reaching speeds of up to 10 Gb/s. While most of these products require active cooling, it is not yet known if they can be used just as effectively when connected to a motherboard’s heatsink. Intel’s 600 motherboard series only supports limited use of this standard, but it can be used to its full potential on AMD’s latest AM5 platform and Intel’s Z790 series.


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