HP joins other laptop manufacturers now confirming that Intel 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-HX series will offer up to 16 cores.

The company is now listing its Omen 17 2021 laptop with Core i9-12900HX processor. The product page was clearly not meant to go live this soon, as even the ‘shop now’ button does not lead to any such offer. Not to mention the fact that the sub-title mentions “11th Gen Core” series.

What the listing does confirm though is that the upcoming Core i9-12900HX processor with boost up to 5.0 GHz will feature 16 cores and 24 threads. Even the Gigabyte AORUS 17X laptop that leaked a few days ago did not mention the core count. Therefore, this is the first official confirmation that this part will indeed feature more than 14-cores, which was thus far the limit of Alder Lake mobile series.

The Core i9-12900HX is a desktop-class CPU featuring 8 Performance and 8 Efficient Cores. The 12th Gen Core H and P-Series of laptop processors released in January this year are limited to 6 Performance and 8 Efficient.

HP Omen 17 with Core i9-12900HX CPU, Source: HP

The updated Omen 17 is a high-end gaming laptop featuring DDR5-4800 memory and up to GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 16GB graphics, based on GA103 GPU. If not for the 1080p 144Hz screen, this could have been the best-spec’ed gaming laptop on the market.

With the launch of Alder Lake-HX, Intel will become the first company to launch a 16-core processor series designed specifically for laptops. However, it won’t be the first time we get such a core count on a mobile platform. We have already seen attempts to launch desktop CPUs for workstations systems that shipped with a full desktop socket and allowed customers to choose high-performance CPUs as long as they were limited to 65W. Therefore, it is technically possible to buy a laptop with Ryzen 9 5950X CPU, but it will not be as fast as the full fledged desktop system.


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