ASUS Introduces 2023 Collection of ROF Strixx Scar and Strix G Series-1

ASUS Republic of Gamers has just revealed the latest editions to their popular series of Scar and Strix laptops. The ROG Strix SCAR and Strix G lineup will be gaining several new models. The Strix Scar 16, Strix G16, and the G18 come with new designs and new internal updates, as you might expect, as do the Strix SCAR 17 and Strix G17. These hardware updates and new designs coupled with the latest ROG’s Nebula and Nebula HDR displays, as well as a new and improved intelligent cooling thermal solution, these powerful laptops will let you conquer the world of esports and no doubt please most gaming enthusiasts in general.

These, of course, will be ROG’s highest-performing laptops to date, the Strix series is powered with the latest chips from Intel and AMD, as well as the latest graphics hardware from Nvidia.

The SCAR 16 and 18 will have the option for up to an Intel Core i9-13980HX processor with 24-cores and 32-threads along with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 mobile GPU. A MUX Switch with NVIDIA Advanced Optimus intelligently ensures optimal framerates when plugged in, and better battery life when untethered, with no manual intervention needed

ASUS Introduces 2023 Collection of ROF Strixx Scar and Strix G Series-2

The Strix G16 and G18 laptops are equipped with top-of-the-line hardware, including the powerful Intel Core i9-13980HX processor and the cutting-edge Nvidia RTX 4080 graphics card. Additionally, these laptops come with the option of the MUX switch, which optimizes performance and battery life.

ASUS Introduces 2023 Collection of ROF Strixx Scar and Strix G Series-3

ASUS Republic of Gamers is also launching updated models of the Strix SCAR 17 and Strix G17 laptops. The 2023 Strix SCAR 17 is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and is equipped with a top-of-the-line NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics card.

The new and improved 16-inch and 18-inch Strix laptops feature ROG’s Intelligent Cooling system, which includes the cutting-edge Tri-Fan Technology first introduced in the 2022 Flow X16. The full-width heatsink, previously seen in the Flow X16, has been expanded and is now available in the 2023 Strix SCAR 16, Strix SCAR 18, Strix G16, and Strix G18. This larger heatsink provides an increased surface area for heat dissipation, with up to 92.23% more space compared to the 2022 models. Coupled with the new full-surround vents, this new cooling solution provides outstanding airflow for the high-performance components within these laptops. Additionally, the use of Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal on both the CPU and GPU, as well as the inclusion of 7 heat pipes, allows for even higher Thermal Design Power (TDP) with the latest next-gen CPUs and GPUs.

The 2023 Strix SCAR 17 and Strix G17 also utilize Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal on the CPU, while the SCAR 17 is paired with a custom vapor chamber to achieve top-notch cooling performance.

The 2023 Strix machines, available in 16-inch and 18-inch models, are not just equipped with larger 16:10 panels. Each laptop is also available with one of ROG’s state-of-the-art Nebula displays, providing a fast, bright, and vivid image that sets the standard for gaming laptop displays. The Nebula displays are required to have high refresh rates, with a response time of 3 ms or less, at least 500 nits of brightness, and 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, so users can be sure they are getting the best display quality. All of the 2023 ROG Strix machines are available with up to QHD 240 Hz displays.

The Strix SCAR 16, in particular, is also available with a stunning Nebula HDR display, featuring a Mini LED panel with 1,024 individual zones for exceptional contrast and up to 1100 nits of peak brightness. This display provides breathtaking HDR picture quality, making it one of the most powerful gaming laptops of the year.

The ROG Strix laptops are designed for gamers who demand exceptional portable performance and stunning design with limitless customization options. With Armoury Crate’s performance modes, users can switch from silent, low-power computing to high-performance gaming, or adjust voltage and fan settings for a customized experience. Each Strix machine features plenty of RGB lighting, including a brand new full-width light bar along the back vents on the Strix SCAR 16 and 18. Through Aura Sync, users can coordinate their laptop’s lighting with their peripherals or create their own complex lighting effects with Aura Creator.

The spacious keyboard layout offers comfort during gaming sessions, along with customizable hotkeys for controlling volume, microphone, or changing performance modes. The large glass touchpad provides added precision, and the anti-fingerprint coating on the chassis keeps it looking clean. The semi-translucent keyboard deck on the Strix SCAR adds to its sporty design, along with a new customizable Armor Cap that lets users showcase their style.

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