AOC may be best known for their awesome monitors, especially their AGON gaming monitors! In fact, that’s almost all they’re known for because for many years, that’s all they’ve done! However, recently they released a range of peripherals, such as this lovely keyboard, and their new headset. However, today, I have the new Agon by AOC AGM700 Gaming Mouse, helping me complete my collection. Oh and for good measure, I also have their AMM700 Gaming Mouse Mat (more details here), which should be the perfect match for their new mouse.

AOC AGM700 Gaming Mouse

This mouse is well enough equipped, with the sensor from Pixart, the PWM 3389, promising a sturdy 16000 DPI and excellent accuracy. There’s also a set of 50M rated Omron switches, which we know are decent. Beyond that, there are 5 x 5g weights for tuning the feel of the mouse, a DPI sniper button, fully programmable buttons, RGB technology, built-in profiles, macros and more. That’s pretty much everything you could possibly need and then some. So, wait till you get to the last page and find out how much this thing costs… I’ll give you a hint though, it’s much more affordable than you might think.


  • The high-quality pro gamer mouse has a Pixart PMW 3389 gaming sensor with real 16,000 DPI and ensures almost perfect precision in every gaming situation

  • The Omron switches with up to 50 million keystrokes ensure a long-lasting gaming experience

  • With the AOC G-Tools software, you can save key assignments, RGB effect settings and customised profiles. Light synchronisation with other devices is also possible and macros can be recorded

  • The DPI sniper button allows you to adjust the mouse speed as you like and can also save 3 player profiles

  • An innovative weight-adjustment system of up to 25 grammes ensures the perfect feel-good weight for the gaming mouse (5 sets of 5 g each)

aoc agm700 2

What AOC Had to Say

“The AGM700 comes with a Pixart 3389 sensor, a tracking speed of 400 IPS, 50G of acceleration and real 16,000 DPI, top-notch accuracy even when performing high-speed actions. With eight programmable buttons and Omrom switches that allow 50M clicks, it is the right choice for any competitive gamer. The AGM700 can also be customised with 16.8 RGB backlight colours to fit your style. Our exclusive desktop app enables you to have total control over your devices. Set up five different profiles with storable hardware settings and personalize your mouse speed, lighting and button configuration according to your preferences. Choose the RGB lighting’s brightness, set up various effects” – AOC

20220422 124942

A Closer Look & Performance

First impressions are certainly important, and thankfully, the AOC AGM700 makes a very good one. This is a really fantastic looking gaming mouse, with a nice blend of grey and black that speaks of a quality product. It feels like a quality product too, with a durable feel and a nice sturdy weight. Albeit, it does have a weight tuning system, so you could make it +/- 25 grams in 5g stages.

20220422 125705 1

The mouse is hard-wired, but it’s a lovely black and red braided cable that matches up with the black and red theme we see on all AGON series products.

20220422 125711

The mouse has a set of side buttons, as you might expect. However, there’s also a cheeky extra button, which is programmable, but its main purpose is really as a sniper key. Hold it down, and it’ll drop your DPI, allowing you precision control for that headshot. Let go of the button, and your DPI will revert. Fun idea, do it the other way, set the sniper to higher DPI, and you can use it for fast turns while driving tanks in Battlefield… big brain time.

20220422 125849

There’s a firm grip on the left side too, making it easy to get a firm… well, grip, obviously. However, it also looks great too, adding a little visual flair to the mouse overall.

20220422 125900

On the right side, there’s even more of that grip finish, which again looks great.

20220422 125921

The matte black of the mouse looks great, and there’s a lovely AGON logo emblazoned on the back. Is it backlit with colourful lights? You bet your ass it is.

The ergonomics look great, it’s a familiar-looking and feeling shape, and while it’s a right-handed mouse, it’s fairly comfortable to use in the left hand should you ever find the need. AOC hasn’t reinvented the mouse here, and that’s a good thing.

20220422 125912

It’s a good size too and fits my palm well. However, the shape will work well with a palm rest, fingertip or hybrid grip playstyle just fine.

20220422 130037

There’s matching RGB lighting in the M button and on the interior section of the mouse wheel too, giving you plenty to customise should you feel the need.

20220422 125927 1

The coolest design aspect of the mouse, however, is the LMB and RMB. They’ve been given a stylish brushed metal look that frankly looks freaking awesome. What’s more, this design is similar to what we see on their AGON monitors too, so it’s going to look great paired up with one of those.

The buttons feel great too, with the Omron switches delivering the quality we’ve come to expect. However, since both switches are mounted on their own sprung panels, they feel very responsive and have a great tactile feel to them.

20220422 125930

There’s an LED indicator on the side here, allowing you to check DPI levels at a glance. Plus, the M button can be used to cycle through your profiles, where you can have macros, RGB, button configurations and more all saved to the mouse.

20220422 125937

The underside of the mouse has a good setup, with five slipmats providing a decent amount of glide. The mouse isn’t particularly heavy even with the weights in place, so it’s very smooth on hard and softer gaming surfaces.

20220422 130006

If you did want to change the weight, just pop this cover off and add/remove them as you see fit.

20220422 130020

As for the sensor, it’s the Pixart 3389, which can deliver a true 16,000 DPI at 4000 IPS and 50G acceleration. That’s more than good enough for some serious gaming, and honestly, I can’t find any issues with it, it’s a decent sensor.

20220422 130035

When it comes to gaming, this mouse just delivers the goods. It’s nimble and it’s comfortable to hold, and its ergonomics lend themselves to any grip type you choose. What I do like is the overall range of options, and having everything full programmable, plus the addition of the sniper button, just makes it feel very versatile no matter what type of game you’re playing. Or dare I say it, actually bothering to do some work, it’s a good all-around mouse really.

20220422 130053


AOC is one of the most respected gaming brands out there, with virtually countless awards for their high-end gaming monitors. They’re a prime choice for gamers at home to eSports champions, so it certainly makes sense that they’ve started to expand into gaming peripherals. With a new headset, keyboard, mouse and mouse mat to their name, you’re entire desktop can be AOC branding, and that’s cool. They’ve nailed the designs too, and everything should match up great with your AGON monitor.


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