LLVM patches confirm AMD is preparing at least four RDNA3 devices.

A good indicator that AMD is preparing a new graphics architecture, has always been a trace of open-source project development. In most cases, those are Linux drivers or development tools that are later used by the new hardware. In this case, we have AMD adding four new GFX11 GPU IDs added to the LLVM project, which is a set of compiler tools for various programming languages.AMD is preparing at least four new IDs: GFX1100, GFX1101, GFX1102, GFX1103. In the past, some IDs were shared among graphics processors, but this has changed over the past few years, and now each GPU usually gets its own ID. Mostly, because they have design changes that prevent the use of the same tool sets or preset values. This will be particularly important once AMD releases its dual-chiplet Navi 31 and Navi 32 GPUs. Supposedly those two are included in this patch:

AMD Phoenix with RDNA3?

Furthermore, Navi 33 (GFX1102) and Phoenix APU (GFX1103) are expected to be among those new devices. This would also corroborate the rumors that Phoenix might indeed feature RDNA3 graphics. In other words, Ryzen 7000 laptop series, which might launch early next year (possibly around CES 2023), would already ship with new architecture, just a few months after AMD is (hopefully) unveiling its desktop GPUs.

RUMORED AMD Ryzen APU Specifications


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