AMD Ryzen 7 7700, a worth successor to 5700X?

The company is allegedly preparing a new octa-core Ryzen CPU.

All Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs released thus far including mid-range models such as 7700X or 7600X have a default TDP of at least 105W, That’s a significant increase over 5700X or 5600X SKUs based on Zen3 architecture. However, it looks like AMD may still launch a 65W model after all.

According to a short tweet from @momomo_us, AMD is working on a non-X Ryzen 7 7700 processor. A coded message refers to 8 cores and 65W TDP, so already a lot less power than 8-core 105W 7700X.

The leaker is not providing any further details, such as clock speeds or where this part was actually discovered, but it is apparent that AMD needs this CPU now more than ever. With the launch of 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” series, AMD could definitely add more budget 6/8-core CPUs.

It’s worth reminding that this rumored Ryzen 7 7700 non-X is not the only new CPU now expected from AMD. The company is more than likely to announce its 7000X3D series with 3D V-Cache early next year. This technology already demonstrated in Zen3-based 5800X3D has been proven useful in gaming. Should the same boost come to the Ryzen 7000 series, AMD may be quick to retake the performance crown.


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