AMD could expand its AM4 portfolio with new CPUs

Reliable AMD hardware leaker claims that the company is set to announce new AM4 processors, including new low-end SKUs and parts based on Zen3D architecture.

According to Greymon55, AMD will be revealing additional Zen3D SKUs. Thus far AMD has only released one SKU with 8 cores which has generally seen a positive response from the gaming community and tech reviewers. It is a match for Intel 12th Gen Core K-series CPUs for gaming, but has limited performance in more advanced workloads due to its one chiplet design and as a result reduced multi-threaded performance.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su showing Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU, Source: AMD

With the announcement of Zen3 with 3D V-Cache last year, it was expected that 3D V-Cache series would expand into 12 and 16-core SKUs, however AMD has only released one part claiming that the cost of dual 3D-chiplet would be too great. The Ryzen 7 5800X3D was AMD’s first endeavor in such a complex consumer CPU, so the company is still in a process of learning how to utilize 3D V-Cache technology in the best way.

Greymon55 now claims that AMD might launch another Zen3D parts, possibly with fewer than 8 cores. A powerful gaming six-core CPU at a good price would be a nice addition to the AM4 platform now slowly reaching its end.

The AM4 platform prime days may soon be over with AM5 releasing in just 3 months, but AMD is not saying goodbye to it just yet. The leaker claims that AMD is now testing Zen4 processor designed for AM4 socket. This is the first mention of such a SKU, which would be an interesting derivative of AMD next-gen architecture for an older platform.

Interestingly, AMD never confirmed Zen4 could support DDR4 memory, indicating that those CPUs would have to use a different memory controller altogether, possibly a leftover or a modified cIOD die from current gen CPUs. Such chips allegedly exist in the testing labs, but AMD has not made a decision yet whether such products would even be released to retail.

More details on upcoming AMD CPUs should become available this month, the leaker claims. In fact the next few weeks should be filled with AMD CPU information as board partners begin validating their new platforms, inevitably being a source of new leaks. Should rumors about new AM4 CPUs turn out to be true, those should also make an appearance at some point.


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