AMD Threadripper PRO soon on DIY market, as company says farewell to non-PRO series

The company finally launches its latest high-end desktop CPU series.

Starting from July, AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000WX also known as “Chagall” will officially start selling through the retail/DIY market. The retailers are now receiving batches of AMD’s fastest HEDT CPUs while they anticipate the embargo lift in the coming days. Others, like in this case, already sell these CPUs.
According to Hoang Anh Phu, these CPUs come at a very high price. The flagship 64-core Threadripper 5995WX CPU is to retail at 47,000 CNY which is around 7,029 USD the Twitter user claims. It seems that half the cores (32) for 5975WX also mean half the price. This SKU is to sell at 24,000 CNY (3,589 USD). The 24-core 5965W should cost 17,200 CNY which is around 2,572 USD.

One should mention that 16-core 5955WX and 12-core 5945WX were not included in the recent DIY launch announcement, possibly suggesting that they are not coming to retail market anytime soon, if they are coming at all.

This launch will only include TR PRO series for workstations. AMD is saying farewell to non-PRO Threadripper series in the company’s effort to simplifying the platform: Threadripper processors have always been a platform that is defined by leadership performance and capability which enables unlimited creative potential. Examining what our most demanding enthusiasts and content creators value most in the platform has led us to unify the Threadripper and Threadripper PRO product lines. Going forward, the Threadripper platform will now use a single “common infrastructure.” This means there will be one set of Threadripper PRO processors to choose from, with one CPU socket and chipset, and every processor will be based on AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO silicon. This also means that all Threadripper processors will natively offer: 128 lanes of PCIe® Gen 4, 8-channel UDIMM and RDIMM support for more flexible memory configurations, massive L3 cache, plus the benefit of security and manageability features common across the Ryzen PRO processor family. Impressive hardware specs like these are a large part of why Threadripper processors are trusted for enthusiasts and professional creators. — AMD AMD has not yet announced the official MSRP for Threadripper series. Those leaks from Chinese market are only an indication that they will cost a lot more. Officially the price of Zen2 flagship TR 3995WX was 5,849 USD while 3975WX retailed at 2,749 USD.


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