Gigabyte has announced the recall of its Z690I AORUS ULTRA motherboards. The company stated that it listened to customer complaints and, in addition to detecting the issue, gave users alternate motherboards to cure it.

The problems were triggered by system instability and WHEA PCIe failures when the cards were attached to GPUs with PCIe Gen4 interfaces, according to the company. Gigabyte went on to say that switching the BIOS settings from PCIe Gen4 to Gen3 will cure the problem. However, exchange or refund alternatives are available for individuals who want them.

“For Z690I AORUS ULTRA motherboard users who are experiencing instability issues, GIGABYTE offers a special program to upgrade the motherboard to Z690I AORUS ULTRA PLUS or equivalent models, or users can also request a refund,”according to the statement.

Owners of this model will be able to register for the program and contact Gigabyte from May 10, 2022 to November 30, 2022. Certain model details, such as the serial number and proof of purchase, are required by the brand.


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