Corsair new AF Elite Series Fans are their best yet, an they don’t feature RGB lighting

Today, Corsair sent us the Press Release for their new AF Elite series fans, and we were wowed. These are easily the best looking fans that Corsair has ever made, and they didn’t even need to add RGB lighting to give them that wow factor.With their AF Elite series fans, Corsair is not focusing on RGB illumination, they are focusing on cooling. These new fans are designed to help keep your CPU temperatures low, and be quiet while doing so.

Starting today, Corsair’s new AF Elite series fans should start to sell at retailers, with Corsair offering users both black and white colour options. Corsair plans to release All-in-One (AIO) CPU liquid coolers with these fans in the near future. These fans are designed for both airflow and pressure-oriented applications, making them suitable as airflow fans and as heatsink/radiator fans.

Available in either black or white and in 120mm or 140mm sizes, AF ELITE fans take advantage of powerful CORSAIR AirGuide technology and ultra-quiet fluid dynamic bearings to deliver robust, concentrated airflow. For cooling that keeps your system performing at its best, take AF ELITE fans for a spin.

120mm and 140mm AF Elite Series fans are now available

At launch, Corsair’s AF Elite series fans will be available in 120mm and 140mm sizes, with the 120mm version supporting RPMs of 1,850 while the 140mm version supports RPMs of 1,600. These fans support a Zero RPM fan mode to make your system silent at low temperatures. Beyond that, Corsair’s new fluid dynamic bearing technology promises users low noise levels.

Corsair’s new AF Elite series fans feature PWM control and feature Corsair’s anti-vortex AirGuide technology to create narrow, forceful streams of air that make these fans ideal for use with heatsinks and liquid cooling radiators. No matter what scenario, be it as an intake, exhaust or radiator fan, Corsair wants the AF Elite series to be the ideal fans for you.

AIOs with these fans are coming Soon

Corsair soon plans to launch new RGB Elite series AIO liquid coolers of the H100i (240mm), H115i (280mm) and H150i (360mm) varieties. These new CPU liquid coolers will feature Corsair’s new AF Elite series fans and a pump head that features 16 addressable RGB LEDs. These heatsinks are due to become available soon for prices between $139.99 and $179.99.

These AIOs will support Intel’s Socket LGA1700 and AMD’s Socket AM5

Corsair has confirmed that their latest and upcoming CPU liquid coolers will be compatible with Intel’s LGA 1700 CPU socket and AMD’s upcoming AM5 CPU socket. All of Corsair’s Elite series AIOs are guaranteed to support AM5 out of the box.


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