It’s rumored to support PCIe Gen5 for both GPU and storage. We could see it being announced at Computex 2022. I can’t wait …

Taken from Videocardz … Although the source claims that X670, X670E and B650 chipsets are all to be announced at Computex, this information has not yet been confirmed. What clearly has been confirmed so far is that all three chipsets exist, and they are to be announced at the same time… possibly at Computex next week.

The source claims that X670E will be a special ‘Extreme’ edition of the X670 chipset. From what the source was able to confirm thus far, the X670E will feature mandatory PCIe Express 5.0 support for both the graphics card and storage. Meanwhile, the X670 non-E chipset would support the Gen4 standard, with Gen5 support not being mandatory for both devices. In other words, it could simply be Gen5 only for strange. Furthermore, there is no word on DDR5/DDR4 differentiation, which probably confirms that more expensive DDR5 memory will be required no matter which chipset is chosen.

We can now tell you that the X670E will be a special SKU where the E stands for Extreme. Based on the information we’ve managed to source, it doesn’t seem to differ from the X670 chipset in terms of functionality or features. However, all X670E motherboards must offer PCIe 5.0 connectivity to both the GPU and the M.2 NVMe SSD slot or possibly slots, whereas X670 based motherboards can use PCIe 4.0 instead […]

It’s worth noting that a similar rumor was already shared by Hassan Mujtaba from Wccftech. The information is clearly spreading among the tech press, which is likely a good indicator that this is indeed true.

The X670 chipset is also confirmed to feature two Promontory 21 chipsets made by ASMedia. This has already been confirmed by Tom’s Hardware a month ago.


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