SilentiumPC has announced the newest addition to its liquid cooling lineup. The Navis F240 is a high-performance AIO CPU cooler that was designed in collaboration with Synergy Cooling. The Navis F240 series features an ultra-silent asymmetrical PWM controlled ceramic-bearing block pump. It is paired with a high-quality 240 mm radiator with two pre-installed award-winning Fluctus 120 PWM fans.

There is also the F240 ARGB, which is equipped with two Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fans instead and is identical in terms of performance to its non-ARGB counterpart. This new series of AIO liquid coolers were designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding users, those who desire both exceptional performances as well as silent operation of their system. In terms of cooling efficiency, the Navis F240 series ranks among the top 240 mm radiator systems, yet also offers a drastically improved acoustic experience. The cooler is compatible with AMD AM4 and popular Intel sockets, including the latest LGA1700 platform.
SilentiumPC Launches the Navis F240 & F240 ARGB CPU Coolers

SilentiumPC Navis F240 & F240 ARGB CPU Coolers

The Navis F240 cooling system consists of three components. The base consists of an asymmetrical water block that effectively removes thermal energy from the CPU and transfers it to a flowing liquid through specially designed channels. The circulation of coolant throughout the system is made possible by an efficient high-quality ceramic-bearing pump. It features a high fluid flow rate with speeds ranging from 1,600 to 2,600 RPM and is equipped with PWM controls. This allows for convenient adjustment of cooling capacity and sound levels relative to the current demands of the system.


Pre-installed Fluctus Series PWM Fans
Thermal energy transferred to the radiator is dissipated by two highly-efficient Fluctus 120 PWM fans, which provide excellent performance with very low perceived sound levels, thanks to the patent-pending psychoacoustic optimizations by Synergy Cooling. With the SilentiumPC Navis F240 ARGB, two Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fans offer ARGB illumination, while maintaining the same performance characteristics as their non-ARGB counterpart. The speed curve of the fans has been adjusted to ensure quiet operation with the latest processors.

ARGB Option for Amazing Visuals
The addressable backlight (ARGB) allows users to control individual colours of a single light source. Each of the LEDs in the Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fans can emit a different colour, which gives users a huge variety of possibilities when it comes to selecting lighting effects, including an impressive rainbow mode, as well as smooth transitions between colours. Fan illumination uses a standard 3-pin ARGB connector, which is compatible with most popular addressable RGB systems, such as ASRock RGB Polychrome Sync, Asus Aura Sync, Biostar VIVID LED, EVGA RGB Headers, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and MSI Mystic Light.

Other addressable lighting systems are also supported if compatible with those listed. The fan only needs to be plugged into the appropriate motherboard connector, and its software will grant control access to colours and lighting modes.


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