Asus recently released a desktop PC built for creative professionals – the Asus ProArt Station PD5. Powering the ProArt Station PD5 is an Intel Core i7-11700 processor paired with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 for its discrete graphics processor. With these specs, the ProArt Station PD5 is not only a good desktop PC for creative work but can be a decent gaming PC as well. Check out the rest of its features, specifications, and where to buy one from the news release below.

Asus ProArt Station PD5 – A Desktop PC for the Creators

ASUS recently launched the ProArt Station PD5, a powerful and modern tower PC for the home or office — and the latest addition to the growing range of ProArt desktop PCs.

The all-new powerhouse is engineered from the ground up to elevate every creation. With high-performance up to 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 graphics, PD5 powers through every creative endeavor, from audio and video editing to hardcore 3D modeling.

It’s packed with creator-friendly design touches, including exclusive ASUS Lumiwiz LED indicators, a tool-free hard drive tray and a power-button shield to prevent accidental shutdowns, ensuring that smooth workflows and superior productivity.

Primed to perform: Up to 11th Gen Core i7 and GeForce RTX 3070 graphics

With an up to 11th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor and up to 32GB (expandable up to 128 GB of DDR4 3200 MHz) memory delivering silky-smooth multitasking, ProArt Station PD5 is primed to accelerate every workflow. It’s also equipped with an 1 TB PCI Express® (PCIe®) 3.0 x4 SSD (expandable up to 4 TB 3.5” hard disk drive), providing enough fast and capacious storage for any creative task.

This dynamic new desktop for creators is perfect for everything from photo and video editing to 3D modeling, rendering and animation, driven by its powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card. The professional-grade NVIDIA graphics card is equipped with NVIDIA Ampere™ architecture that helps elevate the craft of creation, whether creating short online videos or full-length features, generating animations or 3D models, or exploring graphic design.

Ampere features new ray-tracing and tensor cores with support for sparsity, DLSS 2.0 AI super-resolution technology and streaming multiprocessors that deliver massively improved performance. PD5 also benefits from Rendering Mode in the ASUS ProArt Creator Hub app, which automatically optimizes CPU, GPU and memory performance — ready for every creation.

For creatives, software is key so PD5 has also gone through an extensive Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification processes to ensure it works as expected with professional applications from the world’s leading software companies – including popular titles from Autodesk and Adobe.

Engineered for expansion: Tool-free hard drive tray and multiple expansion slots

ProArt Station PD5 is engineered to be easy to maintain and upgrade to empower creators to expand or refine the capabilities as their needs grow or evolve. For starters, unlike many competing desktop computers, the hard drive tray is specifically designed to be removed without the need for tools. This ASUS-exclusive design makes upgrading PD5 easy and effortless — so replacing a drive or migrating to a new computer takes just moments.

There’s also serious potential for expansion in other areas. The up to 128 GB DDR4 memory complement inside PD5 is installed across four slots, and it also features two onboard M.2 slots. One of these M.2 slots supports PCIe 4.0 standard to provide maximum storage flexibility and the fastest data speeds available with the latest Intel processors. PD5 also packs multiple PCIe slots to enable the easy addition of graphics cards or other add-ons.

Taking advantage of being a full-sized ATX tower, PD5 employs a multi-zone cooling design. The layout encourages airflow and provides more space for components to breathe – especially the CPU, GPU and PSU. This means hot air is quickly and efficiently directed outside, lowering CPU temperatures by up to 5°C and GPU temperatures by up to 4°C. All this keeps PD5 cooler and quieter, allowing creators to stay focus on their tasks.

PD5 is also packed the latest connectivity. Some key connections are conveniently placed on the top of the chassis, putting them within easy reach. There’s also a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C® port, with Power Delivery, DisplayPort and VR support. PD5 even has built-in WiFi 6 (802.11ax), making it easy to connect, create and share quickly without cables.

Creator-friendly design: ASUS Lumiwiz, rendering notifications and power-button protection

ProArt Station PD5 has a raft of creator-friendly innovations, including ASUS Lumiwiz. This smart module is embedded in the front chassis, illuminating a pair of light bars to indicate the status of the CPU, GPU and more to offer creators an at-a-glance insight into performance and rendering progress. I t’s also a cinch to customize the colors to match any mood, via the intuitive ProArt Creator Hub app – the personal portal for monitoring and personalizing PD5.

PD5 comes with a thoughtful notification mechanism to keep creators updated on rendering progress, even offering the option to send Teams messages when tasks complete. This clever little feature empowers users to get on with other stuff, at the computer or elsewhere, helping them to efficiently manage both their workload and productivity.

To slide seamlessly into any creative workflow, ProArt Station PD5 has been crafted with some small but desirable finishing touches. The power button is engineered with passive smarts, in the form of a physical latch to ensure that it cannot be mistakenly pressed in the middle of a work session. PD5 even has an integrated handle, making it easy to move around the home or workplace.

Finally, detachable loops that hook onto the side of PD5’s chassis aid desktop organization. These convenient optional extras allow users to hang up headphone or keep other bits and pieces out the way – just a little contribution to a tidier workspace.

Price and Availability

ASUS ProArt Station PD5 will be available starting at an MSRP of $1699.99 and ranges up to $1999.99. For the latest pricing and availability, kindly follow the link below.


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