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Giving away your Roku? Whether you’re giving it to a friend or selling it online, you probably don’t want to leave your Roku account connected to the device.

That account is tied to your credit card number, after all, which is how you pay for TV and movie rentals on your Roku. As much as you love your friend, you probably don’t want to give them free movies for life on your dime. And you’ve almost certainly logged into Netflix, Hulu, and numerous other accounts while using your Roku, and you probably don’t want to give you friends lifelong access to those things either.

Thankfully, you can reset your Roku to its factory settings easily. Head to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset and you’ll find the option there.

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You’ll need to enter a numerical code to start the factory reset; this is here just to make the option hard to trigger accidentally.

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Enter the code with your remote and the factory reset process will begin, eventually leaving your Roku exactly the way it was when you first took it out of the box. All of your settings and channels will be gone, as will all of your accounts.

If you’ve got an older Roku device, there’s a slight chance that you won’t find this option in the menu. You can still factory reset your device, however, thanks to the hidden Secret Screen. To launch this, you need to press a few buttons on your remote.

In order, press:

  • The Home Button five times.
  • Fast Forward three times.
  • Rewind two times.

This will launch the Secret Screen, which offers all kinds of information about your Roku as well as a Factory Reset option.

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Select “Factory Reset,” and you’ll be asked if you’re sure this is what you want.

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Select “Perform factory reset” and the process will begin as described above.

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