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After a long break from Team Group products, we back with their latest Zeus DDR4 SO-DIMM gaming series. The Zeus RAM is designed for gamers, so it should deliver optimal performance and stability. There is no problem using it on any laptop as every TeamGroup RAM is compatible with all standards.

The tested memory kit has a 64GB capacity and is rated at DDR4-3200 at a standard voltage of 1.20V. It’s the maximum and the most compatible specifications of most gaming laptops.

As with all SO-DIMM reviews in the last months, this review will also show how the Zeus RAM can be tweaked on a popular series laptop. In our case, it will be ASUS TUF A15 with the Ryzen 7 4800H, 8-core CPU.

Let’s move through the specifications and features pages, and after that, we will take a closer look at the memory itself and its performance.

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T-FORCE is TEAM force. The red “T” on the logo of “TF” represents TEAMGROUP’s passion for storage products. The black “F” represents TEAMGROUP’s over 18 years of promotion of storage products. The visual design of the perfect combination elegantly symbolizes a pair of flying wings. They represent that the high-quality and extreme performance gaming products from TEAMGROUP are capable of allowing all gamers to break the speed limit and enjoy the ever-changing world of gaming.


Lightning Bolt design element

ZEUS is designed with “Lighting Bolt” element and special totem of T-FORCE. Gamers are like ZEUS holding his Lighting Bolt, winning every battle and being invincible in the gaming world.

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Born for gaming

T-FORCE ZEUS SO-DIMM DDR4 is the best choice for gamers who want to get upgraded easily. Up to 32GB of excellent storage capacity and powerful performance, which supports JEDEC’s highest frequency of 3200MHz, allow you to fully enjoy playing MOBA, AVG, MMORPG and RTS.

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High quality IC with stable performance

T-FORCE ZEUS SO-DDR4’s selected high quality IC is tested for total stability, offering a gaming laptop memory with stable performance and excellent quality.

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Trustworthy compatibility

T-FORCE ZEUS SO-DIMM DDR4 Gaming Memory is proven to support the latest 11th generation Intel and AMD 4000 series laptop processors with no compatibility issues. It is the best choice for gaming laptop upgrades.

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