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High performance memory kits have evolved over the last few years, both in styling and technology. Styling has shifted to heavier heat sinks, LED light bars, and fancy RGB control software. The technology has done what it inevitably will by producing greater speeds and densities at generally lower cost as DDR4 has matured. The latest processors and graphics cards have been almost impossible to get over the last six months, but memory pricing and availability has remained steady, which makes now the perfect time for Acer to launch a brand-new line of DDR4 memory under their Predator brand. You may recognize the Predator brand from their highly successful gaming monitors or range of gaming laptops and desktops. You may even know the brand because of the Thanos All-In-One gaming chair.

Acer has branched out into a wide variety of gaming products and peripherals. Now, Acer is taking the plunge into core hardware with the aid of business partner BIWIN Storage, a large Chinese OEM with 25 years of experience in the storage and microelectronics business. Acer has granted them permission to produce memory kits under the Predator brand.

The Predator Apollo RGB kit I have for testing today is one of their top-spec kits: 16 GB (2x 8 GB) at 3600 MHz, 14-15-15-35 timings, and 1.45 V. 3600 MHz has become the new gold standard for Ryzen builds, driving new focus into memory kits targeting a previously obscure specification. Let’s see how the Predator Apollo RGB holds up in this ultra-competitive segment!

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Manufacturer: Predator
Model: BL.9BWWR.253
Speed Rating: DDR4-3600
Rated Timings: 14-15-15-35
Tested Capacity: 16 GB (8 GB x2)
Tested Voltage: 1.45 V
PCB Type: 10 layers
Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
Error Checking: Non-ECC
Form Factor: 288-pin DIMM
Warranty: Lifetime Limited


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The Predator Apollo RGB 3600 MHz packaging is a sleek black cardboard box encased in a nicely printed sleeve. The back of the sleeve has most of the elements I look for in DRAM packaging, but I would have liked the specifications to include the voltage.

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The memory sticks are held firmly and kept quite safe from all but the most careless handling.

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