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It’s fair to say that there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing your new Z590 motherboard. Indeed, if you’re a regular reader of OC3D then you’ll know we’ve covered a raft of models on the launch day. However, what if that isn’t good enough for you? What if you want a motherboard which is designed to not be as good as the rest, or even the best of the rest, but the best of all of them?,Enter the ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial.,Clearly we don’t know yet if it will be the actual best, although our results will soon be on hand and by the time you read this we will have a full review on hand. Right now though, all we know is what we’ve got from the box. It’s a gigantic box, but that’s because as well as a full EATX PCB the Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial has a full cover EK waterblock included too. This is the first motherboard from the Maximus range since the 9 to have a waterblock included in the package, so it’s a great opportunity to not only discover if a much more capable cooling solution will help to tame the toasty Intel Core i9-11900K, but also to seewhat four years of development has done to the EK waterblock design.,With a built in RGB OLED Livedash, 9 Teamed power stages giving 18 100A stages in total, AI Overclocking and 14 fan headers, the Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial promises to be the blend of power and control that you would expect from a product sitting at the top of the ASUS ROG range, and particularly one with this price tag.,There is a lot to cover besides that, and we’ll highlight the important bits as we go through the photographs, so grab your first born and the number of a bodysnatcher and let’s do it to it.unnamed file 300

Up Close – Packaging and Waterblock

If you’ve ever looked at the packaging for your motherboard and been disappointed you couldn’t fit a family of twelve in it then the Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial has got you covered. It’s enormous. The word enormous actually barely covers it. When you see the first picture you think it’s just a larger regular box, and then you see the second and realise how deep it is. If it was any deeper it would only be audible to whales

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Within the huge box you find all that you’ll need to add the Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial to your setup, with EKs high quality components unquestionably the star of this particular show.,
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The main part of the waterblock contains the input and output connection points, to ensure the newly cooled water arrives straight to the CPU and VRMs, where they are most needed.,
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The lower half contains the RGB OLED Livedash display. Hopefully ASUS have sorted the teething issues that plagued the software for this in the early days. You can also get a lovely look inside at your liquid colour of choice, as well as the all-important ROG Eye logo. What’s the point in spending this much if you don’t get to show it off.,
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A glimpse at some of the accessories provide, which we’ll be covering in a couple of pages time. For now it’s a good demonstration of the type of care and attention that’s gone in to the packaging.,
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Up Close – In Detail,Don’t worry, we’re going to build this so you will only get these shots as a chance to see the Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial naked and unadorned. It does make us chuckle that ASUS have chosen Glacial for this though. Beyond ice related meanings it also means unfriendly and slow. Fingers crossed the M13EG is neither of those things.,unnamed file 310
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As you would expect from a model at the Extreme end of the Republic of Gamers lineup, the Glacial has an 18 phase – 9 teamed – 100A power section and two 8pin 12V CPU power inputs. There are two more phases (also 100A) handing the System Agent. With the larger PCB format there is plenty of room to arrange things, including the 10K Black Capacitors.,
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ASUS have adopted the horizontal cable mounting system we’ve both seen and loved on other motherboards. It just makes everything significantly easier to manage and tidy. Front top to bottom we have a radiator fan header – utilising the ASUS Hydranode technology which allows you to control 3 fans independently from the single header – a water punp header, and the familiar RGB LED strip headers in both vanilla and addressable types.,
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Moving down we find the 24 pin ATX power input handily placed next to an additional 6 pin PCI Express power header for those of you who want the maximum possible power input.,
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At the bottom right hand corner is a plethora of connectivity options. There is a fan header right at the top of this shot, with two front panel USB Type-C headers just above a pair of USB Type-A ones. Excellent for those who have cutting edge cases into which they can build their system. Lastly the familiar SATA III ports.,
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You get a good sense of the serious nature of the Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial from the bottom right hand corner. Usually something that just contains front panel connections and maybe a fan header, the M13 has water flow monitoring points – albeit with one of them not exactly mounted horizontally – next to another set of radiator and waterpump headers. These sit alongside the onboard switches for helping you overcome some overly hopeful overclocking settings, and DIP switches for LN2 modes as well as the V_Latch, which monitors voltage ripple to really help you accurately dial in your VCORE value.,
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Lastly we continue from the switches to two USB 2.0 headers, AURA RGB LED strip headers, an LN2 mode jumper and the front panel audio for the ASUS SupremeFX technology.,
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Around the back we have another example of the famous OC3D rule of thumb that you can tell a motherboards quality and price tag largely from just looking at the IO section. As you would expect the Maximus XIII Extreme has a full compliment of Thunderbolt 4 headers, Superspeed 10G USB ports, both 2.5G and 10G ethernet connections, and the Intel WiFi 6E for those of you who prefer to be cable free

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Video Preview,We’ll bring you our full build log, specifications and confirmation of what we expect to be a four-figure price tag in the coming days, along with our full suite of benchmark results of course. In the meantime, you can watch us going over it all in video form, for those of you who prefer a watch along to pictures you can study for an age.,


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