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Introduction,The Corsair range of keyboards is nothing if it’s not comprehensive. No matter your budget there is going to be a keyboard that fits your requirements. One of their most popular ranges both in terms of units sold as well as variants is the K70. More than any of their other offerings it’s in the heart of the price point sweet spot and thus has plenty of different versions to ensure you can have a keyboard that suits your needs.,Today sees the launch of the latest addition to this range in the form of the K70 RGB TKL Champion Series.,K70, because that’s the base model. RGB is self-explanatory. TKL because this particular model comes in the TenKeyLess format which means you’re missing the number pad that usually sits on the right hand edge of the keyboard thus making this model more compact. Lastly Champion Series is the newest Corsair range which is aimed squarely at those of you who want to ensure nothing but your own abilities stand in the way of you conquering your enemies.,We’ll go over what it offers in a moment, but first let’s look at the specification and then dive into the keyboard itself.,Technical Specifications,If you’ve spent any time comparing the various keyboards available on the market then many of these features will be familiar to you. Full RGB lighting, Cherry MX switches in two different flavours – we have the popular Red models in our review sample – and the famous Corsair volume roller are all present and correct. The Champion Series also brings 4000 Hz key scanning and, via the iCUE software, up to 8000 Hz polling which could be the difference between victory and defeat.,unnamed file 249  unnamed file 248,

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Corsair are famed for their yellow packaging which first appeared back when they had a Corsair Gaming sub-brand and has continued when the Gaming brand got subsumed back into the main brand.

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It wouldn’t be a Corsair keyboard if we didn’t get a set of FPS and MOBA keycaps for those of you who need or want a little more curve and grip on your primary keys. The cable is a Type-A to Type-C removeable number for easy transportation, whilst the keyboard itself is enormously familiar thanks to the design philosophy at the heart of all the upper models in the Corsair range. We’ve tested every K70 there is and not had a bad experience yet.,
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On the underside have huge non-slip pads to keep the K70 right where you placed. Showing how much thought has gone into the needs of the competitive player the feet are side hinged. If you’ve ever pushed your keyboard back in the midst of a stressful fight only to find the feet gripped and then closed will understand what a boon it is to have a foot design that won’t unexpectedly collapse when things get tense.,
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Just because you’ve lost the number pad doesn’t mean that you have to go without dedicated media keys and the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is fully equipped.,
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On the top right you still get the famous Corsair volume roller. These days Corsair isn’t the only manufacturer who utilise a volume roller on their keyboards, but they were the originator.,
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Beneath the extra thick, double shot keycaps we find the Cherry MX switches that form the heart of the K70 platform. You can get the K70 TKL Champion Series with either the regular Cherry MX Red switches with their linear 2mm actuation or the Cherry MX Speed switches which have an actuation point a mere 1.2mm down.,
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Lastly the Tournament Switch which separates the Champion Series from the normal models in the Corsair keyboard line up. Flick this switch, lock it into place with the gate and the keyboard goes into a single colour backlighting mode, disabling custom actions and macros so that you’re able to play in tournaments with strict rules about shortcutting your way to victory. Admittedly 99% of us won’t take advantage of this or even require it, but for those of you who do it’s golden.,
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Software,The updated Corsair iCUE software might take up more of your hard-drive space than the older iteration, but everything is much better laid out and easier to click through. It’s not entirely flawless – why is the lighting type a vertical box you have to scroll through with lots of blank space to the right of it where it could’ve been a horizontal box and negated scrolling? – but it is still a lot better now it’s main use case is clear. The last gen felt a bit like balancing what we really used it for with what it was intended to do when first launched. This rejig has focussed it again.,unnamed file 260
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Lighting,Regular readers will know that the Corsair keyboard lighting system is amongst the best on the market, and the K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is no exception with whites that are white and yellows that aren’t green. Beyond the main colours you have as many possibilities as your imagination and willingness to spend time in the iCUE software can produce. Rather than attempt to cover them all we just show you the main colours so you can at least see if your particular favourite is well represented. As always it looks better IRL than it does in photographs.,unnamed file 265
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Conclusion,Whenever a new version of a mechanical keyboard comes out it’s always a bit of a trail to try and discover what exactly is the difference between this Cherry MX equipped keyboard and dozens of others. With the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series we have no difficulty at all in determining what makes this different to the K70 Mk2, or K70 Mk2 SE.,Let’s get the basics ticked off. As you would expect from a Corsair keyboard the build quality is excellent. There is a reassuring weight to the keyboard that lets you know it’s well built without making it unduly heavy. It’s a careful balance to strike and in a keyboard that is designed primarily to be taken to gaming tournaments the need to keep it light but robust is important. There is no flex in the chassis and the key caps remained firmly in place even after some vigorous shaking. The design, with the keys a little lower than the ‘shelf’ at the back which houses the dedicated media keys and famous volume roller, is very comfortable to use and everything is within easy reach.,The TenKeyLess – no numpad – nature of the design keeps it more compact than a full size keyboard would be, another indication that this is a keyboard designed to be taken places, rather than just sit on your desk at home. The Cherry MX Red switches on our review sample are rightfully the most popular mechanical switch on the planet and a constant joy to use. Something that might not be immediately obvious is how useful the consistency of these switches is. Anyone who has brought a new keyboard/laptop will know it takes your muscle memory a little while to get your fingers back up to full speed. When you have a switch with such a consistent feel, and its very nature means that the gap between each key is also consistent, you can move from one – say the K70 Mk2 – to another – this TKL Champion Series – without missing a beat.,Being a Champion Series means a couple of things and would be the primary reason why you might choose this particular take on the famous Corsair K70 over another in their range. The AXON technology at the heart of the K70 CS allows it to work in harmony with the iCUE software to send information to your system 8 times faster than you get with regular 1000 Hz polling at 8000 Hz. There is some guesswork going on in the software as the keys are only scanned at 4000 Hz, but even there that’s a whole lot quicker than a standard keyboard and in a world where a frame or two can be the difference between death and glory, then even 4 times quicker than a usual keyboard might help you stand on the winners podium. The Tournament switch on the back lets you disable any macros and assignments in a clear and obvious way, so you won’t fall fowl of the arbiters or any claims of cheating from salty opponents.,What we really like about the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is how much or little of this you can have depending upon your needs. The MSRP of £139.99 places it below the full-size K70 models, so it can be a regular, 1000Hz, RGB TKL K70 if you wish. But if you want to go all in on hyperpolling lunacy, it can do that too. Too often products aimed at a professional market (in this case gamers) are so specialised as to be useless to the common person. The K70 Champion Series is all things to all people, and wins our OC3D Enthusiast Award.,  ,Discuss the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series in our OC3D Forums.

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