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Today we will be presenting the Viper V530 Optical LED Gaming Mouse from Patriot. We are back with the next product in the Vx30 series form Patriot. If you are following along from the last review, we are covering their budget friendly lineup. This lineup is perfect for anyone wanting to get a decent set of gear but doesn’t want to spend a ton getting that gear. This series is perfect for you if you are looking for that. This mouse is extremely affordable and has a few features that may surprise you at this price point. As a entry level product you will usually get exactly what it sounds like, entry level. No frills and thrills! As we get further into this review there may actually be a little flair that comes with this mouse. Ok I wont leave you hanging, yes this mouse actually has RGB! It may have some limitations but RGB is RGB and if it lights up, sign me up. You wouldn’t expect a mouse at this price point to have software to adjust the DPI to your liking, right? Wrong! You actually can make adjustments with the Viper software to further dial in your mouse. This are some top notch features on a mouse intended to be an entry level product. Enough is enough lets get started and check this mouse in further detail.

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The Viper V530 LED gaming mouse is the perfect choice for the entry level or casual gamer.  With a comfortable design, and a 4000 DPI optical sensor, it’s a perfect plug and play option to dominate your friends during gameplay.


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