ASRock motherboards can often bring unexpected joy, and now ASRock X370 motherboard may also support the Zen3 architecture of the Dragon 5000 processor.

asrock x370 motherboards already support amd ryzen 5000 processors

For ryzen 5000 processors, although still AM4 slot, but AMD in the motherboard compatibility requirements, 500 series chip full support no problem, 400 series in part of the motherboard chipset only, mainly part of the X470, B450 motherboard to support Zen3 after upgrading the BIOS.

The 300 series chipset released in 2017 is not officially supported by AMD, Tech Deals learned from an anonymous AMD employee that AMD changed the compatibility of the AM4 platform is not a technical reason, 300 and 400 series motherboards theoretically support Zen3 processors and no problem.

Some time ago there were also players who cracked the AMD restriction to allow Zen3 processors to be used on 300 series motherboards, but this method has some risks and is not recommended to try.

Now ASRock is ready to take action. The latest news says ASRock is testing a new version of BIOS, an upgrade note found in the P6.11 BIOS of X370 Taichi motherboard: Add Renoir/Vermeer Support, Vermeer is the code name of ryzen5000 processor.

In other words, ASRock is unlocking a new feature to the X370 motherboard, adding Zen3 architecture ryzen5000 processor support, the first generation of ryzen processors also do not need to upgrade the motherboard to enjoy Zen3, you can save a upgrade costs.

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