If the excellent performance and success of AMD Raider 5000 series desktop processors with Zen3 architecture was expected, the high light of AMD RX 6000 series graphics cards with RDNA2 architecture is beyond almost everyone\’s expectation.

We\’ve talked enough about the technical analysis and performance testing of AMD RX 6000 series graphics cards. Recently, AMD\’s Chief Gaming Solutions Architect, Frank Azor, has been talking to the Chinese media about some of the features and highlights of the RX 6000 series graphics cards in terms of gaming, which is, after all, one of the core tasks of graphics cards.

amd rx 6000 gaming what are the advantages

Frank Azor is the founder of the famous DELL Alienware, and after 29 years of work officially joined AMD in July 2019 as Chief Gaming Solutions Architect specifically responsible for AMD graphics card innovation in gaming solutions, strategies.

Frank Azor\’s main work is in the gaming direction, and this interview also revolves around the gaming technology and gaming performance of the RX 6000 series, including frame rate, response, ultra-high resolution, high image quality, and technical ecology, which are all core points about the gaming experience.

amd rx 6000 gaming what are the advantages 1

RDNA 2 shines, with the same process, simply by virtue of architectural innovation, it has achieved up to 2.2 times the performance doubling compared to its predecessor, up to 65% energy efficiency improvement, also supports ray tracing, DX12 Ultimate, the launch of AMD FidelityFX open source image quality toolkit, etc. A series of new technologies, a little bit of black technology.

With its powerful architecture and advanced technology, the RX 6000 series paves the way for a smooth 4K, ray tracing gaming experience, as well as better adapting to and leveraging the power of high brushed displays such as 144Hz.

amd rx 6000 gaming what are the advantages 2

Notably, the AMD RDNA2 architecture-based RX 6000 graphics cards add a high-performance, fixed-function Ray Accelerator light acceleration engine to each compute unit, optimized to deliver real-time lighting, shadows, and reflection realism through DXR technology.

When paired with AMD FidelityFX, which supports hybrid rendering, developers can also combine rasterization effects with ray tracing effects to achieve a better combination of image quality and performance.

We can see the three RX 6000 series cards shine at 1440P with ray tracing on, reaching 60 fps and even exceeding 100 fps in a variety of new games.

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It\’s worth mentioning that unlike the RTX 30 series, which is lacking in memory, the RX 6000 series comes standard with 16GB of GDDR6 memory, which not only better meets the needs of 4K and light chase games, but also provides a good reserve and margin for future games in terms of memory, especially now with light chase, many games at 4K resolution and high image quality can easily eat up over 10GB of memory!

It should be said that the RX 6000 series is a graphics card that is ready for the future. These new games are becoming more and more demanding in terms of video memory, and the advantages of the RX 6000 series of graphics cards will become more and more obvious

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The RX 6000 series graphics cards also offer a secret weapon: the ability to make the 5000 series Ryzen CPU and RX 6000 series graphics cards work very well together, allowing the CPU to access 16GB of video memory on the graphics side, thus improving 4K and 1440P gaming performance for free.

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In terms of graphics technology, AMD\’s FidelityFX open source image quality toolkit with ambient light masking, CAS contrast adaptive sharpening, as well as FreeSync technology, Radeon Boost acceleration, Anti-Lag anti-latency, and more, are supported by many of the game\’s biggest hits, not only bringing a good boost to the game\’s graphics, but also significantly reducing latency in games with remarkable results.

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The RX 6000 series brings a special Rage Mode, a one-button overclocking, which is more friendly for normal gamers, and of course high-end gamers are free to customize the overclocking to tap the maximum potential, with parameters such as frequency, voltage, power consumption, fan, etc. that can be adjusted at will.

Good design and heat dissipation are the basis for the RX 6000 series graphics cards to achieve overclocking. The series cards have a 16-phase power supply design and 14 layers of high-quality PCBs; they are also able to be precisely oriented in terms of cooling to ensure that hot air can be dispersed from the CPU, GPU, and memory to the side and rear fans.

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Graphics cards can be used not only for gaming, but content creation is also one of the main tasks, and the RX 6000 series is also very bright, especially with the RDNA2 architecture, PCIe 4.0 bus, and 16GB of video memory, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other creative applications can get a significant The performance of the Radeon VII is up to 3x better than the 7nm Vega architecture.

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