galax geforce rtx 3090 hof edition pcb

galax geforce rtx 3090 hof edition pcb

The GALAX GeForce RTX 3090 HOF Edition PCB has actually been envisioned. It seems like it will be a monster of a card yet the concern is will have the ability to get one?

Taken from VideoCardz… Back in November, Galax began teasing its HOF series through a virtual expo, the manufacturer’s innovative attempt to showcase new products during the unfortunate times of a pandemic.

The photos allegedly show a prototype that is currently under evaluation. This is not a final product we are told, but rather a card prepared for final testing before it goes into production.

The RTX 3090 HOF appears to be using 26 phase VRMs, so far the highest number of VRMs from any RTX 3090 graphics card we have seen. The photos weren’t good enough to determine which are used by Vcore (GPU) and Vmem (memory). The power stages are also hidden under a heatsink (which we are told will be changed for the final product).

From the photos, we learn that GALAX RTX 3090 HOF will feature three 8-pin power connectors, a special OC BIOS button, voltage measure monitoring points for overclocking, and much more.

The prototype graphics card is based on GA102-300 GPU, features NVLink fingers, and has 24 GDDR6 memory modules on each side of the PCB. This means that the card is based on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 SKU, but it seems possible that GALAX might launch an RTX 3080 or 3080 Ti model later. However, we have not yet been able to confirm such plans.

The team responsible for this custom RTX 3090 design features many famous overclockers, such as the TecLab team lead by Ronaldo Buassali, or the HOF team lead by Mad Tse, an overclocker working for Galax. As you might have guessed, this graphics card is not meant for casual gamers, but rather extreme overclocking with LN2. The HOF series are often used during GALAX sponsored overclocking events.

GALAX had already showcased the design of the upcoming RTX 3090 HOF last year. The 3D model did not show the 3-pin power connectors though. We did learn though that the card will be bundled with a big LCD panel, which will display system information, GPU metrics, and even bitmaps. We have not been able to confirm whether it can work as a separate screen yet.

More details on the RTX 3090 HOF should be available soon, the company is now planning to officially introduce the graphics card in February.

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