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NVIDIA has more or less silently launched a new high end graphics card around 10 days ago. Here are some pictures of the TITAN Xp versus the TITAN X (launched last year), both gaming cards being based on a Pascal GP102 GPU…

The TITAN Xp is based on a full GP102 GPU with 3840 CUDA cores while the TITAN X has only 3584 CUDA cores. The TITAN Xp has 240 texture units while the TITAN X has 224 texture units. Both cards have the same number of ROPs (96) and the same amount of memory: 12GB of GDDR5X.

On the physical side, there are few differences between the TITAN Xp and the TITAN X. NVIDIA has not changed the name on the VGA shroud: TITAN X for both cards…

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The only things that distinguish both cards are the box, the PCB color (brown for the Xp) and the DVI connector (the Xp has no DVI connector):

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The TITAN Xp alone:

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