Intel, NVIDIA and AMD release drivers for Windows 10 Version 1709 and later to fix network connectivity, system crashes and many other issues to make PCs run faster and smoother. To download Intel drivers on Windows 10, just visit Intel’s Driver & Support Assistant tool to check for updates.


The logs are as follows.

● Fix the problem of random Wi-Fi connection failure when playing videos online

● Fix the blue screen error

● Fix the bug that the wireless adapter shows yellow warning in Device Manager

● Performance and security improvements


Intel released an update in November to fix problems with the wireless drivers, but there are still problems, so Intel released 2 driver updates to optimize the Bluetooth drivers again and fix problems with many devices such as mice, headsets and styluses. According to the changelog, the update also fixes Bluetooth disconnection errors for certain devices.

Another bug fixed by the Intel update is that Bluetooth devices may show a yellow alert in the device manager after the system resumes from sleep mode/hibernation mode. Intel said it found a “rare” issue on some systems where the Device Manager could show a yellow alert under the Bluetooth section. In addition to Bluetooth drivers, Wi-Fi drivers are also updated to fix the failure that causes the device to appear blue screen of death.

AMD also released the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.3 driver for Windows, adding support for Immortals Fenyx Rising, Vulkan Ray Tracing extensions, and fixing a number of game issues. The new driver also fixes rendering issues in games with Windows 10 HDR mode enabled, although issues caused by viewing content from the Netflix app remain unfixed.

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