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When it comes to Enermax, we usually review their AIO liquid CPU coolers, however this time we’ll be taking a look at their latest series of CPU air cooler. In recent months, there have been an increasing amount of consumers looking to use CPU air coolers. And to meet the demand of those users, Enermax have designed the ETS-F40-FS cooler series, which contains three slightly different models. We will review all three models starting from the Silent Edition cooler.

All ETS-F40 coolers are equipped with 140mm silent fans and are designed to support high CPU series. With all the promises that key features bring, it’s getting interesting.

Our tests will be performed on the Ryzen 9 5900X CPU, one of the more demanding processors on the market. It will be a good test for new Enermax coolers. Let’s begin with a couple of words from Enermax and the list of key features.

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The ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS Silent Edition offers an outstanding cooling capacity of up to 200W TDP. Paired with a 140mm silent fan with a maximum noise level of 23dB(A) (optional ARGB), this makes the CPU air cooler the best choice for silent, media and gaming PCs. Particularly the optimized PWM control of the ETS-F40-FS Silent Edition with low starting speed (300 – 1200 rpm) makes no compromise between noise and excellent performance. The four asymmetrical 6 mm heat pipes with Heat Pipe Direct Touch provide best RAM compatibility and fast heat transfer. The pure minimalistic design offers the best price without any loss of performance.


The ETS-F40-FS Silent Edition is a tower design cooler with copper heat pipes. Evaporation and condensation of a liquid inside the heat pipes are being used to transfer large amounts of heat to the heat sink. This technology is not only free of maintenance, long-lasting, and reliable, but also environmental friendly since it does not use poisonous chemicals.

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Vortex Generator Flow (VGF)

In aviation, spoilers, the so-called vortex generators, are used to guide the airflow evenly along with the wings. Enermax engineers have applied this technology to the CPU heat sink: Small spoilers on the fins next to the heat pipes create a vortex which brings more fresh air to the back of the heat pipes.

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Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF)

The partially closed sides of the heat sink create a vacuum that additionally draws fresh air from the side.

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Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT)

With the patented Heat Pipe Direct Touch technology, the heat pipes rest directly on the CPU. The advantage against a base plate is the faster transfer of heat without any additional resistance.

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Asymmetric Heat Pipe Design

The asymmetrical heat pipe design creates additional space for the fan to prevent high RAM modules from being blocked.

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140 mm Silent Fan

The ETS-F40-FS Silent Edition is equipped with a 140mm fan. The 9 sound optimised blades can rotate at very low speeds of only 300 RPM and are limited to a maximum of 1.200 RPM to support ultra-silent operation at all times. Due to the size of the fan, there is still a strong air flow for a cooling capacity of 200W TDP. A second set of mounting brackets allow the installation of an additional 120 or 140 mm fan for extra performance.

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Quick & user-friendly universal mounting system supporting Intel® and AMD® sockets (excluding TR4/SP3 socket). The pressure adjustment spring system and high conductive Dow-Corning® thermal grease ensure perfect contact with the CPUs heat spreader.

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Closer Look, Specification, and Product Photos

Intel® compatible Sockets LGA 1200, LGA 775, 115x, 1366, 2011(-3) Square ILM, 2066
AMD® compatible Sockets FM1, FM2(+), AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4
Overall Dimensions 140 x 93 x 156mm
Overall Height 156mm
Weight with Fan 750g
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 200W+
Thermal Grease Dow Corning® TC-5121C
Heat Sink
Dimensions 140 x 65 x 155.5mm
Material Copper Heat Pipes/ Aluminium Fins
Heat Pipes 4x Ø 6mm
Heat Sink Coating
Fan Model Silent Fan PWM
Bearing Type Hydraulic bearing
MTBF 100,000h
Fan Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25.5mm
Fan Speed 300 – 1,200 RPM
Rated Voltage 12V
Fan Power Connector unnamed file 564 pin PWM (GND/12V/Tacho/PWM)
Quantity 1
Noise Level 10 – 23dB(A)
Air Flow 30.75 – 126.21m3/h
Air Flow 18.11 – 74.33CFM
Static Pressure 0.13 – 2.17mm-H2O
Included in the delivery Air Cooler, 14cm Silent PWM fan, universal mounting kit for Intel® and AMD® sockets, 2 pair of fan brackets, Dow-Corning® Thermal Grease (TC-5121C), installation guide


The above table includes full specifications. I can say it looks better than we could expect looking at the cooler itself. The most important is the performance, but that we will check on the next pages of this review. Right now, let’s take a look at the package and its contents.


Package and its contents

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The ETS-F40-FS comes in a typical, quite small box that contains everything required for the installation. The box is well described with product specifications and key features, so we know what we are buying. On the other hand, most products of this type are sold via online stores where you can’t really check how the package looks.

Enermax ETS-F40-FS is equipped with a single 140mm fan, which is very quiet, even when the CPU is under a higher load. On the other hand, it spins up to 1200 RPM and has a high air pressure design, so it delivers high performance.

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The heatsink is equipped with four heat pipes which are designed to directly touch the CPU’s IHS (integrated heat spreader). This design usually gives slightly better results than the one covered with a cold plate. As you can see in the photo above, The surface is flat and nicely covers new processors.

The cooler itself doesn’t have any RGB lighting and is not painted in any way. Enermax also has a version painted black and one painted black with ARGB lighting. Both will be reviewed soon, so check our website in the next few days to find out more about other coolers from Enermax.

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The installation is quite simple and shouldn’t cause issues to less advanced users. Everything is well described in the attached manual. The cooler could be installed on ATX and ITX size motherboards. Tests were performed on the MSI X570 Unify motherboard, as you can see in the photos above.

The installation itself takes about five minutes on both AMD and Intel motherboards.

On the next page of this review, we will take a closer look at the performance.


All tests were performed on the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, one of the more demanding processors on the market. Additional components contain MSI X570 Unify motherboard, HyperX Predator 16GB DDR4-4600 memory kit, and ASRock RX 6800 XT 16GB graphics card.

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There are three tests. The first is simply called Idle, so an operating system without additional load besides standard processes in the background. The second test is based on the PCMark 10 Extended benchmark, which simulates daily work and simple games. The last one is a high CPU load tested with AIDA64 and AVX instructions.

The same as in previous cooler reviews with the Ryzen 9 5900X CPU, I have to add that the presented results are not fully clear. The full story includes the CPU frequency, which depends on the cooling potential of the used cooler. In this case, Enermax ETS-F40 series coolers were keeping about 100-200MHz (depends on used core) higher frequency during work than Noctua NH-U9S. Their performance was about as high as that of Noctua NH-U12S redux/chromax.black. At the same time, we could see a bit higher frequency on Noctua NH-D15 or AIO coolers with 360mm radiators like Enermax LIQMAX III.

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One of the strong points of the ETS-F40 is generated noise. The cooler is so quiet during a typical work that we couldn’t register any significant noise above the ambient. During full CPU load, the fan was about 2dB louder than the ambient, which was around 34dB.

During most tests, the fan was spinning at around 800RPM. It was enough to keep the CPU at its optimal temperature. Overall results are around that of Noctua NH-U12S or even slightly better. At the same time, the cooler is significantly cheaper in most stores what makes it a very interesting option.

Even though I feel that the Enermax air cooling solutions are not the most popular, then I’m sure that all who decide on this cooler won’t be disappointed. Enermax liquid coolers proved high-performance many times, so it’s time on air coolers.

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Conclusion and Verdict

We are used to seeing Enermax liquid cooling solutions for some longer, while air coolers didn’t appear on our website till now. The ETS-F40-FS proves that also in this group of coolers, Enermax has something interesting. The ETS-F40-FS is a great cooler that delivers high performance and low noise.

Our tests are showing that the ETS-F40-FS without problems matches or exceeded the performance of similar tower coolers. At the same time, it is significantly cheaper. The Amazon DE store sells the ETS-F40-FS “Silent Edition” for around €27,99. This is a promo price at the moment when this review was published. In some other stores, it costs a bit more but also less than competitive coolers. Considering the high quality of Enermax and great test results, it’s an amazing deal!

Those users who are missing the whole black design or ARGB illumination can also buy different versions of the ETS-F40. As I mentioned, these versions will be reviewed soon, so stay with us.

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  • High performance
  • Quiet work
  • Interesting design
  • Inexpensive


  • Nothing worth to mention

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