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While there isn’t much information to go on at this time, it looks like AMD has gotten the ball rolling for their next generation of motherboards. The new AMD Socket AM5 will replace the much loved and long-standing AM4, which have served us well since the launch of Ryzen a good few years ago now.

Reports suggest that the AMD Socket AM5 motherboards should land in Q2-2022, so expect to see lots of them at Computex 2022, which all going well, may be the first big tech convention to go ahead in full force after the pandemic.

AMD’s CEO, Dr Lisa Su, showed off the Zen 3 + 3D Vertical Cache chipset at Computex’s streamed keynote. Of course, it’s fully expected these technologies will be at the heart of the Socket AM4 chips, and no doubt, Threadripper, actually.

AMD claims that the 3D Vertical Cache paired with a Zen 3 chiplet can significantly improve gaming performance by around 15%. But, of course, add to that clock speeds, new RAM standards and much more, and we’ll see other performance improvements next year too.

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We’ll update you as soon as we haver more information.

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