A list of ASUS mid-range motherboards for upcoming Ryzen 7000 series has been discovered by a member of HardwareLuxx forums.

Reous is a member known for his comprehensive overviews of each AGESA updates for AMD motherboards. Upon checking the latest updates for yet to be released AMD’s 600-series, he discovered that the new firmware lists unknown AMD B650 motherboards from ASUS.

The list includes as many as six boards, including ROG STRIX, TUF and Prime series. However, only one board is of the Extreme variant featuring PCIe Gen5 support for the primary PCIe slot and M.2 at the same time.

ROG Strix B650E-E Gaming Wifi

ROG Strix B650-A Gaming Wifi

TUF Gaming B650-Plus Wifi

TUF Gaming B650 Plus

TUF Gaming B650M Plus

TUF Gaming B650M Plus Wifi

Prime B650 Plus

Only two motherboards thus far are of Micro-ATX form factor, with no sign of any Mini-ITX board yet. However, ASUS did announce a X670E board for this form factor already.

ASUS B650 motherboards, Source: Reous/HardwareLuxxCAPTION_END]

ASUS B650 lineup is not the only lineup that has been leaked thus far. We have already revealed a list of X670E/B650E/B650 series from ASRock. The Taiwanese company is preparing as many as 12 different designs, but thus far only one has been leaked: B650 LiveMixer.

ASRock/AMD 600-series motherboards, Source: VideoCardz.com

Officially, AMD B650 motherboards are launching in October, so not alongside Ryzen 7000 CPUs and X670 motherboards series on September 27th. AMD announced that AM5 motherboards will be available for as low as $125, possibly the MSRP of the cheapest B650 motherboards.


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