Leaked benchmarks of Intel’s upcoming Core i9-13900K “Raptor Lake” processor show that it performs better than the current i9-12900K “Alder Lake” processor in several synthetic benchmarks. With Cinebench R23, the 8P+16E hybrid processor has a huge 30% lead in multi-threaded performance.

 This is because the P-cores have a higher IPC, there are 8 more E-cores, the clock speeds are faster, and the caches are all bigger. These gains are also shown by CPU-Z Bench, which shows that the i9-13900K is 30% faster than the i9-12900K

In a variety of synthetic benchmarks, Intel’s next Core i9-13900K “Raptor Lake” CPU outperforms the current i9-12900K “Alder Lake” chip, according to leaked benchmarks. The 8P+16E hybrid CPU offers a 30% advantage in multi-threaded performance in Cinebench R23. This is due to the greater IPC of the P-cores, the addition of 8 extra E-cores, faster clock rates, and larger caches. CPU-Z Bench confirms these gains, indicating that the i9-13900K is 30% faster than the i9-12900K. These enhancements result in a 10-15% boost in frame rates in gaming benchmarks.

A 12600k would be a great upgrade to any gamer, at this point, more so if it will cost 250 and you can use ddr4 still on a reasonable priced z690 board.

And no need for expensive/exotic cooling, a $40 cooler would do easily.


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