Lenovo ThinkStation P358 Tower features Ryzen PRO 5000 series

The Ryzen PRO 5X45 desktop series are not to be mistaken with mobile PRO series. The former have not been officially introduced yet.

Lenovo confirmed as many as three different models, including 5945, 5845 and 5645, each offering a different configuration. These series are based on Vermeer silicon with Zen3 architecture, which means there is no integrated graphics here (also a difference between Ryzen PRO for laptops and desktops).

AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 5945 is a 12-core CPU with base clock of 3.0 GHz and boost of 4.7 GHz. It is therefore slower than the consumer variant but at least it has the same L3 cache size of 64MB. What is important to note is that Lenovo is not confirming the TDP for any of the new PRO parts though.

The company is also releasing Ryzen 7 PRO 5845 with 8 cores and 3.4 to 4.6 GHz clock. The list is closed with 6-core Ryzen 5 Pro 5645 with 3.7 to 4.6 GHz clock. Both parts have 32MB of L3 cache. All three processors are now listed as optional for Lenovo ThinkStation P358 Tower workstation system:

AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 Specs, Source: Lenovo

Almost two years after the launch of Ryzen 5000 series, AMD is now introducing new SKUs based on Zen3/Vermeer architecture. Just last week the specifications of Ryzen Embedded 5000 have emerged, therefore, we now have 2 new products lines based on the same architecture while consumer gaming segment will be switching over to AM5 and Ryzen 7000 series soon:


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