NVIDIA officially launches GeForce GTX 1630 graphics card

 NVIDIA introduces its slowest graphics card in 2022

GeForce GTX 1630 set to occupy the lowest tier in NVIDIA lineup. 

The GTX 1630 has officially launched. This card features a Turing TU117-150 graphics processor with 512 CUDA cores, even fewer than GTX 1650. It is otherwise a very similar graphics card based on the same architecture, similar TDP and even using the same PCB and cooling designs.

NVIDIA has reduced the memory bus on this model to a 64-bit bus. This means that the maximum theoretical bandwidth has been halved from 192GB/s to 96 GB/s. That’s even lower bandwidth than GTX 1050 Ti based on Pascal GP107 GPU released in 2016.

Bandwidth for low-end GPUs has a huge impact on performance, especially at higher resolutions. Therefore, it may be an overstatement to consider this card for gaming in 2022, yet NVIDIA thinks this is a good idea. Based on our information the GTX 1630 is also expected to be slower than GTX 1050 Ti GPU.

As expected this model will retail at 1000-1100 RMB in China, which equals to around 150 USD with VAT. We will update pricing information should NVIDIA announce official MSRP for other regions.

Update: EVGA lists their GTX 1630 graphics card at 199.99 USD, while Colorful announced through a press release their model will retail at 169 USD.

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