AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs Allegedly Arrive September 15 According to Leak

 Purported photo from AMD presentation in China names the date.

About a month ago, AMD gave us a thorough summary of Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 CPUs, some key specifications, and even a hint at performance stats during Computex 2022. The details of the upcoming CPUs are pretty stirring, and the new AM5 motherboards should be a treat too, but we must contain our excitement until "fall 2022," according to official AMD statements. In the US, fall starts with the equinox on September 22, but we have just seen a leaked slide suggesting Ryzen 7000 CPUs will be released on September 15.

PC leaks stalwart @wxnod tweeted an intriguing slide a few hours ago without comment. You can see the slide reproduced directly above, at the original resolution for pixel peepers (click the gadget to zoom), but we have cropped out the ceiling.

We must add plenty of salt to any interpretation of this image and what we take from the information within. The juiciest chunk of info we can see is the data across the top of the TV display, which says September 15 is the "time to sell." This indicates the date is not a mere launch or 'paper launch' date but a release date.

The rest of the slide isn't very illuminating; however, we can say that due to the use of Simplified Chinese characters, this purported event took place in China rather than Taiwan. The Socket AM5 slide on the TV was also shown at Computex (but without the date overlaid). Lastly, AMD's presentation team in China appears to be using a Ryzen 5000 era tablecloth. 

For a Zen 4 and Ryzen 7000 CPU refresher please check through our extensive recent summary regarding AMD's Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 Specs, Release Date Window, Benchmarks, and More. However, for a TLDR summary, check out the bullet points below and eyeball the key AMD official presentation slide gallery.

AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 Series at a Glance

  1. Up to 16 cores and 32 threads on TSMC 5nm process (N5 used for compute die)
  2. (up to) >5.5 GHz boost
  3. 6nm I/O die, DDR5 memory controllers, PCIe 5.0 interface
  4. DDR5 only (no DDR4 support)
  5. RDNA 2 integrated GPU
  6. Zen 4 architecture has 8 to 10% performance gain
  7. >15% gain in single-threaded work, >35% overall performance gain (multi-threaded workloads), >25% performance-per-watt gains
  8. AM5 Socket LGA 1718, backward compatible with AM4 coolers
  9. 600-Series Chipset: X670E Extreme, X670, and B650 Motherboards
  10. up to 170W TDP, 230W peak power
  11. up to 125% more memory bandwidth per core
  12. Support for AVX-512
  13. 3D V-Cache Zen 4 models will come to market

    Before we get too excited, the leaked release date is still about three months away, if genuine. We hope there are some more third-party leaks regarding essential aspects of the upcoming launch, like Ryzen 7000 retail models, performance, and pricing. Some further substantial 13th Gen Intel Core processor (Raptor Lake) leaks would be welcome too.

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