Chiphell member RaulMee claims to have the specs of Sapphire’s upcoming RX 6x50XT GPUs.

Some first information on Sapphire upcoming lineup has emerged, including clock speed and TGP information on TOXIC and NITRO series.

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that TGP does not mean TBP. Total Graphics Power accounts for GPU and memory, while TBP is a full graphics card’s power, which is always higher. AMD typically uses TBP for desktop cards and TGP for mobile GPUs.

To get some understanding, the TGP range for RX 6900XT reference is 255W. Sapphire’s thus far fastest model called TOXIC EXTREME (which is water cooled) has three TGP modes: 281W (silent), 289W (performance) and 332W (Toxic Boost). According to the chart below, the TGP for RX 6950XT might be 284W (+29W over 6900XT), which is the “Silent” setting with AMD reference specs for RX 6950XT NITRO model.

Sapphire RX 6950XT TOXIC

The TGP value of an air-cooled TOXIC model is already at 332W, almost as high as TBP. This value goes even higher with OC BIOS set to 346W. In fact, a quick comparison tells us that an air-cooled RX 6950XT Toxic (first row in the chart) will already have higher TGB ranges than the fastest 6900XT model (TOXIC Extreme). Interestingly, the leaker claims that there is no RX 6950XT TOXIC with water cooling yet.

In OC mode, the RX 6950XT TOXIC would boost up to 2565 MHz, which is 255 MHz over AMD reference 2310 MHz boost.

Sapphire RX 6950XT NITRO+ SE/non-SE
Other models listed are RX 6950XT NITRO+ Special Edition: TGP 303W and 325W respectively and NITRO+ non-SE at 289W in performance mode and 284W with Silent BIOS.

NITRO RX 6950XT Special Edition allegedly features 2162 and 2368 MHz (game and boost) clocks, representing 62 and 58 MHz upgrades over default configuration. This frequency goes higher for OC mode, in which the card boost up to 2435 MHz.

The non-SE card is to feature 2116 MHz game clock and 2324 MHz boost clocks out of the box, both are cosmetic upgrades over reference specs. This model has no OC mode listed, but it seemingly supports Silent mode, which lowers the clock to AMD reference specs.

Sapphire RX 6750XT & 6650XT NITRO+
Sapphire’s NITRO RX 6750XT and 6650XT are to ship with 230W and 164W TGP respectively in performance (out of the box) mode, and 200W/157W when set to silent mode. For RX 6750XT, this TGP could be the default for the new series, as it matches the leaked frequencies. With that in mind, the RX 6750XT NITRO OC would ship with 30W higher power and 23 MHz higher boost.


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